Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1316 21 February 2004
Location Southeast of Budhanilkantha Hares Lost Ark, Rasmus and Stig
Hashers 29 Hashit Maria
Trash The Fox Trashflash Stig
Remarkables only returnees this week: Maria, Etienne, Lettie, Rose and Laxman
The Pictures The Trash

This might be in the location of the Run. But as there are no hashers in it Stig could have taken it anytime.


Laxman entertains the Danes

Boss happy with staff Hashit familiarisation


The day started so well! The first 1500 hr start run, a sure sign of spring coming in a month or two. There was peace in the group. Towed was off in K.L. with Head Chopper, where the latter is trying to teach a little arithmetic to the former. The GM seems to be in Baglung checking on potential Maoist bomb sites. The raucous rascals from the British School were locked in their classrooms, happily terrorizing teachers. We had only gentle and peace loving Lincoln School horrors to deal with. Even the mutt population was down, with Ichy Balls' fluff ball and Peter's two duck hunters generally in the way.

Then the run began. Rasmus went off with the walkers, while the other two started a clockwise loop, heading north and up to check one. Lost Ark graciously helped the leaders onto a leftwards false trail, while the trail went right to holding check 2, somewhere. There was an interesting rocky road heading up -- ideal for an ankle-twisting hash trail, so the Fox was off on it for a while, eventually climbing through Tamang villages filled with the aroma of home brew being distilled. He stumbled onto check 3 by a house, and saw the back working its way along the ridge to holding check 4. That proved too elusive for the Fox, who scrambled around in brambles for a while and finally retreated to the chariots. Meanwhile the runners headed up from check 4 to the ridge line and worked their way south and eventually down through another four checks and home. Yogi Hare led the pack home, ahead even of Peter, who fell for a few Norwegian tricks.

The humbled Fox crept away from the circle, not even tempted by sure free beer, cake from the Hindrum Kitchen, and the fresh Losar snacks Tibet Gal brought. Perhaps the Fox will emerge from his den in a couple of weeks' time, ready to settle scores on Phagu Purnima.

The following should have happened in the circle [run by fifth choice circle mismanager Keeled Over]:

1 The pack welcomed returnees Maria Kantilli, Etienne Duveiller, Lotti and Rose Weinnmann, and Laxman Silwal.
2 There were no virgins or newcomers.
3 Gumblewald received a special award for creative key carrying. Be sure to ask him about the details. [He got away with that one, but we hear that he was lucky not to lose them]
4 Then there was the Hashit. It is quite all right not to wait at holding checks for Grumblewald or Towed. They are usually off on their own, and if they happen on a holding check, will certainly ignore it. Horrors are the responsibility of parents, so can be ignored at holding checks. It we lose Rotter, the circle will be more peaceful, so no problem. But to abandon the Religious Advisor in the forest -- a Mortal Sin! Hashit to the lead hares. [Fraid not: the Hashit went to Maria for the not-so-mortal-sin of going to Italy for three weeks].

Many thanks to the stand-in circle runners and food providers.

Many thanks to the stand-in circle runners and food providers.