Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1317 28 February 2004
Location Champi Hares Towed, Keeled Over, Socksucker, Lazy Toad
Hashers 76 Hashit Towed and Keeled
Trash The Fox Trashflash Rotter
Remarkables virgins: Jasper Schouten, Anne Malinovski returnees: the Chicks, Gavin, Handphun Malaysian visitors: Loy, Tong, Poi, Kaur, Lan, Panicker, Chin, Singh, Singh, Hoon, Lan, Lim,Chin, Soon, Sonu, Kumar, and Veron
The Pictures The Trash

Happy faces at this check 1hr out thinking only the run-in remains

Bored with easy surface paths the hares strike out underground

Hares that made it back in time for the circle

Attempt to disguise the GM with Malaysian spotty hashing shirt

I thought we agreed to head home after 3 hours


Congratulations to Lazy Toad and Sock Sucker who thoughtfully guided the walkers through an excellent course -- though a little steep in places -- through the first of the three gorges on this run. Every participating woman, man, horror and mutt had nothing but praise for them.

As for the other hares . . . Only concerned guiding advice from loving spouses kept these two from turning the run into a mighty loop covering all of South Lalitpur. One wonders how much work-time went into pouring over maps, and driving/biking/trotting over the hash territory. The result was the Three Gorge Special of about eight checks.

The runners, along with our visitors from the Royal Selangor Club Hash House Harriers, set off happily as the Beer Van pulled in to the parking area. They were even happy to see the Grand Master in the van -- enough of quiet on-on circles. Towed was careful to warn runners not to run through the X at the end of the false trails, so that's just what the Fox did at check one.

This lead him to the pink walkers' paper and a good shortcut to holding check five. He, along with Roadrunner and Ruru Lulu, ran downstream in the first gorge and then up to the check in time for a good, long rest, while the runners negotiated three other checks somewhere and came UP the gorge, except for the Grumblewald party which came straight up the ridge.

The wise then joined the walking trail while the rest plunged into the second gorge and check 6. Grumblewald led an innocent Peter through an X, and on up, while the more honest harriers followed Yogi Hare down the gorge and down a waterfall.

Griot, Naren, Sigi, and party, chose an easier route above the gorge and were soon heading south on a new jeep track near the malodorous Bagmati.

The Fox, this time to his regret, ran through another X and was well downstream before realizing there was no hope on this trail. Meanwhile the eternal climb began, through another check or two, dropping to the third gorge, and then up again to the ridge top and north to the chariots.

We attempted to delay the circle until Towed towed the last Malaysian back, but it was getting dark, so Rotter got things moving quickly. We welcomed sixteen Malaysian visitors, and assorted newcomers, virgins and returnees.

We ignored wankers and gave the Hashit to the two Senior Hares in thanks for the two-plus hours of scenic torture. We do not look forward to the next run they set.

Malaysian guests - or at least the ones still able to stand

>Malaysian guests - or at least the ones still able to stand