Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1327 2 May 2004
Location Towed Hall, Bhaisepatti Hares The Burton Laddies
Hashers 25 Hashit Delhi bird
Trash awaited Trashflash Rotter, so far
Remarkables leavers: Mica, Old Ian B, Alexei, Anatoly Joanna, Mark, Bruni, Birendra, ? unnameless: One Horned Wino
The Pictures The Trash

We can't take more than one hash a week

A scenic shot, mainly to aid the CH3'ers recall of where they may have travelled


GM Deputy Dawg - obedience, tremors, total control. How does he do it? What's wrong with me? - GM

Less than 24 hours after the catastrophe (i.e. Towed managed to stay on paper most of the way, even thought it was going backwards - GM) that was Run 1326, the Towed clan came to the rescue of the HHHH reputation for clean family hashing. Delayed until 10.30 from the advertised time of 10.00, largely due to the Hares not being back at the On-In until 10.15 and in need of some amber refreshment before they were in a suitable condition to give a run briefing (and also in the forlorn hope that more than 7¾ hashers would turn up).

The run was a right hand loop around the valley with holding checks at the usual tree below Khokana and the small temple on the bluff beyond Sano Khokana which Runners and Walkers managed to visit together. Keeled Over was disappointed that the run was too early for the usual bathing beauties by the Bagmati, and the demon back check across the river had the whole pack in turmoil. Otherwise the pack were able to burn off the excesses of the previous night at Leyla's Lair and return to Towed Hall in a comfortable 75 minutes, ready for another series of down-downs.

After a brief respite whilst the pack struggled up the stairs and onto the roof of Towed Hall for refreshment, visiting GM Deputy Dawg was invited by Rotts to run the circle and, to the relief of those present, graciously accepted. The Hares were called into the circle for a swift judgement and award of a revolutionary 9.9.

First time runner on CH3, Barry, was then duly initiated, having missed run 1326 due to a previous commitment to dance in public in his boxers. Sounded like a candidate for CH3.

Having poured numerous down-downs over her head on the previous day, there was no escape for New Shoes wearer Ever Ready and she took her punishment like a man.

Other miscreants were:

Deputy Dawg for being confused, not knowing whether it was morning or afternoon, Delhi or Kathmandu. A true credit to the morning after an Ever Ready Party
On the principle that the Master never drinks alone, Deputy Dawg with Rotter
Hash flashers Keeled Over, Rotts and Tadpole
All 9 guests from the CH3
All the hosts from the H4
The two GMs again one for noticing the nicked hash horn, the other for nicking it

The CH3 RA, Dong, then carried out his baptismal duties to name Barry, after a wind up of the visiting GM by Towed who suggested that owing to his fondness for wine and non-female gender, that he be named Wine Man. This was eventually rejected in favour of One Horned Wino.

Further down-downs were awarded to:

Towed, disrobed by Mrs Rotter (somewhat enthusiastically) and Father Posterior, awarded an ice cold CH3 T-shirt for his 100th HHHH Run
Father Posterior for subsequently missing Towed completely with the obligatory mug of beer
Fast Forward, for wearing Holy Socks on the Sabbath Day
Fangio for showing the big folks how to run a hash

By this time the visiting GM was prepared to use any excuse for continuing the intellectual and cultural festivities and called in Hurry K for being of local birth, followed by:

Duty Free and Sonya (who doesn't look nearly butch enough for a Russian runner)
Over a Barrel and Running Bare for not having had a down-down yet
Valkyrie for asking silly questions about the taps on the roof of Towed Hall
Leavers - all the CH3 mob
And last but by no means least, Hashit to Father Posterior. She and Valkyrie desperately wanted to copy the mug to take back to Delhi, presumably to remind them of how life used to be

Thanks to the Hares for a beautifully set, scenic and culturally fascinating run and to Mrs Rotter and Raju for the Hash catering.

d Raju for the Hash catering.