Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1328 8 May 2004

Location Badikhel, beyond Godavri Resort Hares Night Owl, Rodent, Grumble
Hashers 68 Hashit Night Owl
Trash Towed Trashflash Rotter, Towed Under
Remarkables virgins: aa newcomers: aa returnees: aa visitors: aa leavers: aa
The Pictures The Trash

Above upper: looking up

Above lower: looking down

Those who go out with paper

This week's most eligible virgin

Returnees Jeevan and Pasi

More returnees


I'm outa here!

The only way to SHUT THEM UP!

Hashes: 50, years: 50, blood pressure: 50^2, survival to 100: 50/50, IQ: 50

Approaching the On-In site, Check 1 was clearly visible along with the paper leading out to it. So, at least we knew the Hares were somewhere around. There was a substantial gathering of hashers there by the time we arrived and they continued to stream in right up to the point where someone shouted "first paper that way!". Not that the call was necessary as everyone had seen it.

So off everyone set and scattered along the myriad trails leading from the check. Not sure who encountered paper first, but I do know that I was the last of the runners to find it, encountering Rodent standing like a true traffic policeman, hand outstretched pointing the way (and hoping someone would lay a hundred rupee note in it).

Check 2 was a back check which very successfully reversed the running order. After a while along this trail, The Fox expressed serious concern that not only were he and I were out front, but also that we were both still on paper some 15 minutes into the run. Check 3 was soon encountered at which point a degree of normality was restored and I saw neither paper nor The Fox for some time. The trail had been steadily climbing since Check 2 and continued to do so up to Holding Check 4 where I finally caught up with an exceedingly fit young hasher in long yellow shorts, and was followed closely in by Run Crafty.

Waiting for the rest of the pack to arrive, boredom set in and we were obliged to relieve it by taking gentle strolls along the available paths. Eventually the rest arrived and we were invited to check it out. With supreme confidence the three of us set out on what appeared to be the one remaining untested trail, only to encounter Xs in all directions. After a fair degree of scouting about it was Fast Forward who finally found the right trail leading up through the pines to the ridge of Tileshwar Danda. Up and up we went with the Front Hare Grumblewald exhorting us to greater and greater efforts. The effort was rewarded at Holding Check 5 with superb views across the Kathmandu valley to the north and down into the Lele valley to the south.

There was only one way from here and the yellow shorted youth had found it. Along the ridge to the east and a high point, according to Grumble, of 1808m. The trail then led down steeply to the road and Holding Check 6. From here it was pretty much a straight downhill thrash along the road, with a minor diversion near to the On-In to slow the FRBs down a bit.

On-On to the Down-Downs

The Hares suffered the normal abuse - run too flat, not enough paper - before being awarded a resounding 9.9. Virgins Knut, a grovelling Mariana and Luke, a guest of junior Beaufort Oliver were then welcomed in the usual way.

Proceedings were then briefly interrupted whilst Duckbill and Julie decided that they didn't really like each other that much. Once the snarling had stopped dog owners Fast Forward and Towed were duly chastised, along with Lao Lover for some reason - possibly for simply owning one of the other seven mutts on the hash.

Others to enjoy the blessing of the Master were;

Visitors Norwegian Olaf and Aussie Dick, both here to enjoy the benefits of even more consultancy fees from Melamchi
Olaf for persistent wanking
First tranche of returnees, Lao Lover and His Lover, just back from Lao, along with Nick who last hashed with HHHH in 1990
Young lovers Ruru Lulu and Hanoi Hannah
Night Owl, for it being both his 50th run and 50th birthday
Second tranche of returnees, Bendy Toes and Unscrewed
Bendy Toes again, for managing to knock over half the full down-down mugs in the process of returning his empty one to the table
Hash Crashers Rødent and Rotts
Private partygoers Connie and Leila
Hurry K for being a lazy bugger and coming on his motorbike instead of his push bike
Double wanker Knut
Last tranche of returnees, Pasi and one other
Sane Dane for his TV debut (he thought NDF stood for Norwegian Drinking Federation)
Leaver Craig
Hashit, unopposed, to birthday boy Night Owl
And finally Beaufort for not supporting the singing.

Leila reports that, at the close, they returned to their car and were unable to find the key. She blames Pasi who had gone for a lie down after suffering the usual abuse from the Master, for leaving the key in the door lock. It's probably adorning the collar on one of the local goats now. Yellow-shorted youth, now known to be Ramesh, Leila's driver, was unable to hotwire the car so they were stuck. Griot, ever the chivalrous (and ever the last to leave) apparently came to the rescue and gave them all a lift home.

Thanks to the Hares for a beautifully set, scenic and bloody steep run and to Mrs Rotter for the Hash catering.

un and to Mrs Rotter for the Hash catering.