Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1329 15 May 2004

Pyataar, N. of Bhauddha

Hares Lao Lover and Lover
Hashers 49 Hashit Ruru Lulu
Trash could be Towed Trashflash Towed Under, Rotter
Remarkables virgins: Morton Kelland returnees: Handphun, Kate Girvan, Barbara, Viaggro visitors: Robert Ferrari, Ray Romano, AllisonMcClelland
The Pictures The Trash

On-In from the last check


GM, Socksucker, and Lost Ark model the new hash t-shirt

Do this. And, amazingly, virgin Morton does



Our Man with the Hashit

Returnees one week - Hares the next. It looks like Lao and his Lover are looking for free beer.

It was nice to be back in Pyataar as we've not been there for a while, or anywhere near it for that matter. Delayed for 30 minutes so that half the hash could pick up their kids from school, a good crowd had gathered at the usual site by 15.30, except for The Fox. It was later discovered that he'd been in the area for some time but, having failed to look at the webshite, was visiting all the other On-In sites used in the area, including Lao Lover's old house since it had somehow escaped his notice that the Laos had moved over two years ago!

The pack was called to order only 10 minutes after the appointed hour and the Hares asked to explain themselves. Eight checks were announced with 2, 5 and 8 holding. False trails would be two blobs of paper then an X; if you got three blobs, you were On. Checks, in the interests of paper conservation, were single circles although similar economies had not been practiced on Holding Checks. Variations on the usual theme were promised, and first paper was anywhere within a 360 degree arc from the On-In.
This proved to be the only immediate variation as paper was eventually found on the usual trail off to the north-west, across the stream and up the hill to the road, which looks as if it is about to be paved. From here the pack headed further west to Holding Check 2 somewhere near the monastery and then north and down into the valley and Check 3 by the stream. Having managed to lead the way to Check 1, check in completely the wrong direction from there but manage to circle round, pick up the trail heading down from Check 2, I found myself alone at Check 3. I think it was Rotter who managed to find the paper from Check 2 and arrived shortly after.

From Check 3 it was the wily Fox who found the real trail heading upstream, after 4 false trails had been explored in the opposite direction. The Fox again led the way again from Check 4 to a remarkably proximate Holding Check 5, still in the valley by the stream much to the relief of Duckbill and Ziggy who were able to relax in a deep muddy pool.

Check 6 was still down in the valley further to the north before the trail led up to a more familiar location at the end of the asphalt road. Rotter led the way but it has to be said that the trail had been so well laid that the pack had been kept pretty well together. This was clear to see from my vantage point up on the ridge looking down on them all at Check 6!

The trail from Check 7 was the familiar route through the pines, contouring back to the road and the compulsory location for a holding check on a Lao Lover run. Since the beer could be seen from here, it was a direct line home, led by Ramesh who has yet to learn the meaning of three circles.

Since time was drawing on after the late start and long-ish run, the circle was soon called to order and the Hares to their judgement. The GM thought that Check 6 was brilliant. There were complaints about putting new bits into the run but in the end a deserved 9.9 was awarded. The GM then tried to publicise the new Hash T-Shirts by calling Lost Ark into the circle as the only person he could see wearing one to model them. It was then pointed out that both the GM and Sock Sucker were similarly attired, so all three got a down-down.

Wanking virgin Morten, a guest of Lost Ark who had clearly not had the hash rules on pocket abuse explained to him, was welcomed in the traditional way. The Master was then so taken aback when he asked for another that he was given one.

Visitors from Canberra Capital Hash, Miss Hotpants and Slippery, along with Bobby from Canada were also welcomed. Slippery is here to do something about stopping aeroplanes crashing (sell 'em all to RNAC - that way they never get to fly) and brought Miss Hotpants with him. Bobby was claimed to be Itchy Balls' boss (by Itchy Balls, who was being remarkably well behaved, so it may be true). The GM and hastily appointed Grand Mistress, Mrs Rotter, were presented with seriously loud but not too rude T-Shirts and the Wily RA with a penknife: somewhat bizarre, but perhaps it'll help him to remove thorns from lions' paws and stones from horses' hooves as he meets them on the run.

I was going to say that at this point there then ensued a more mundane sequence of down-downs, but not so:

Returnees Handphun, Viaggro, Walk Crafty and Kate (OK, so that's fairly mundane, well really mundane)
Apple, for doing a lot more than the 301 runs shown on his records and for having to ask, after all that, what the second line of the hash song was
Danes Rodent, Grumble and the Grate Dane plus Aussie Slippery for the wedding of the year the previous day. (this seems like trigamy on the part of Slippery)
Noggies Handphun, Viaggro, Lost Ark and others in celebration of Norwegian National Day on Monday
Griot for his Interhash 1988 shirt (extremely loud, but not as loud as Itchy Balls' mobile which fortuitously rang whilst he was trying to be nice about the shirt)
Morten, for double wanking

The debate on the Hashit was well under way with candidates The GM for the revolting green T-Shirt he was wearing, courtesy of the Canberra CH3, and Leila, Pasi and Ramesh fighting over which one was to blame for last week's car key debacle (Ramesh was ahead for not being able to hotwire the car) when Ruru Lulu decided to depart in his diplomatic Landie. Conclusive proof that the UK Government workshop gives lousy value for money was provided when clouds of black smoke were blasted over the circle. RL was immediately headed off at the pass and denied diplomatic immunity from Hashit awards, which he was clearly trying to claim.

The circle re-formed briefly to give Leila and Ramesh a runner's up down-down before social drinking was declared.

Thanks to the Hares for an excellent run in good surroundings and to Mrs Rotter for the Hash catering. Handphun's contribution of Norwegian white caviar and biccies met with a mixed reception but was, by and large, very welcome judging by the rate at which it disappeared. (This week's hash question: why is Norwegian caviar white and doesn't taste of fish when the Russian stuff is black and does? Answers on a plain postcard to: Handphun, c/o Royal Norwegian Embassy, Kathmandu, cc Boris).