Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1330 22 May 2004
Location Katapari, just before Pherping Hares Lost Ark, Sane Dane, Morten
Hashers 37 Hashit Grumblewald
Trash Night Owl promised . . . Trashflash Rotter, Run Crafty
Remarkables virgins: Kari Andersen returnees: Peter Blancflower, Dyna Keating, Carrot Brain, Giselle, Chris Grant
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Above: please can we have our trail back mister?

This week's cultural holding check

See me about a T-shirt, Rasmus - GM

ANOTHER Scandie Virgin

Click here to see what Beaufort is doing behind her

Giselle and Grant






Towed Inc. went off early to beg Kilroy to poison the pack in honour of Towed Under's 50. A great photo not to take!

Peter's mum's letter of complaint is used to keep Run Crafty interested and Griot out of the picture

Haw, haw, haw, haw, haw . .

Appropriate Alternative Hashit Kit for Grumble. Also a celebration of Ruru Lulu's downfall. Bring the other one back will ya.

Chaos on Hash Website : Many confused

Our breathless reporter writes:

It says something about the average Hasher that 37 of them turned up on the wrong date at the wrong place (according to the Webshite), and they still managed to cover themselves in mud for an hour and a quarter. Fortunately, the hares were equally mislocated, so the pack was on paper at least some of the time. The scenic but rather smelly Down-Down location was clearly chosen to impede the underprivileged with merely two wheel drive chariots (sniff), but was appreciated by those Horrors who don't have to do the laundry themselves - why wait to start Hashing when a mudslide is provided?

On being called to order (Ha!), the Hares claimed that there would be 7 checks, 3 & 6 holding, river crossings, false trails, etc, etc. On-On was down the slope towards the Bagmati, but soon veered south at the first check towards Dakshinkali. Up hill and down dale (the usual stuff), what was unusual was seeing Towed out in the lead and on paper. The first holding check (which Towed failed to notice - GM) was beside a charming little temple with a stupa on the roof (keep the options open….), Griot was seen paying close attention to the lingam, presumably Connie can tell us if his prayers had any beneficial effects. Off south again towards the ridge beside Dakshinkali Village Inn, I think the usual culprits (Rotter, Easy Reidar, Keeled Over, Yogi, Fast Forward…) were front running, but I never got close enough to find out. The fifth check in the middle of Pherping scattered the pack, however the nearby hillside with Gompa on top provided the trail, the second holding check was at the Gompa gate with a great outlook to the East. Curiosity got the better of Yogi and Viaggro, who went off to inspect the Monk's living quarters (don't sign up, boys, the pay's awful….).

The real trail headed back downhill, through somebody's front yard. For some unexplained reason, the owner of aforesaid yard took exception to the prospect of 20 smelly Hashers disturbing his domestic bliss, and said so. Loudly. This matter was discussed with him, in Nepali, Danish, and English. Since our man wasn't to be mollified, the rest of us ran round the back, and continued. (Cowardice is the better part of discretion……).

Pausing only for brief game of soccer, on the Pherping Town Football Club pitch (you should have heard 'em cheer..), the run home descended into another valley, where we caught up with the walkers, and then On-In, completely ignoring paper.

An excellent if muddy run, good length, not too hilly, the Hares were awarded 9.9 after the GM consulted the Gods up on the hill.

Other Down-Downs:

Virgin: Kari - a Norwegian lady who was told to come by Easy Reidar
Returnees: Chris (Brit from RAP), and Itchy Ball's wife Giselle (whose hash name should really be 'First Scratcher' - GM)
Crashes: Griot, who was mauled by a tiger (or leech, or thorn bush), and a Kate
Others: Tibet Gal, for tittering
Run Crafty (forgotten why)
Fast Forward, for having a Mum with the temerity to complain about the directions on the website (insert Dutch text?)
Viaggro/Fast Forward, for being late
Chris (RAP Brit), to demonstrate how a Down-Down should be drunk

The Hashit went to Grumble, for being prepared (he had a dinky little towelette, for the removal of perspiration)