Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1331 29 May 2004
Location Leila's Generator Lawn, Dumbarahi Hares Leila , Naren, Ramesh
Hashers 51 Hashit Grumblewald
Trash Towed Trashflash Rotter, Towed Under
Remarkables virgins: Frederic, Stephen, Mike, Kabi, Rabi, Henry newcomers: Kate returnees: Nitesh, Slow Drip, Deputy Dawg, Shimsa leavers: Shimsa, probably Slow Drip
The Pictures The Trash

Crazy paper, crazy holding check

Hares all

Virgins Frederic, Henry, Mike not doing anything right

Virgins Rabi, Stephen, Kabi, following the GM's shouted instructions to the letter

Kate, Yano, Yano's 'runner' in cricket terminology

Shimsha and Nitesh

What reason for a down-down could bring this lot together?

What can we expect from Grumble next week?

Given the wonderfully precise instructions, confused only by the GM's arrow being a couple of millimetres out of place, it was only natural that so many hashers found their way to this unassuming little corner of Dumbarahi. (that is, except for Hurry Krishna, noticeable by his absence, who was probably at Ever Ready's place at 15.00). At 16.00 prompt the circle was called to order and one reluctant Hare dragged into the centre. Six checks were announced, with two of them holding, but not too clear which ones; the whereabouts of missing hare Ramesh was pondered upon; the fact that the Hares had run out of paper, again whereabouts was not clear, was announced (and that we were following BIG PAPER - no secrets for these guys!) and that first paper which even Fast Forward was able to work out, was out the garden gate.

First of all, the pack followed the paper laid by the Hares to guide hashers to the On-In. After a bit of casting about on the road, the error of our ways was discovered and off we set on the real paper. Missing Hare Ramesh was encountered shortly after and then, as far as Fast Forward, Night Owl, Lao Lover and Towed were concerned, the point at which the Hares had run out of paper.

So, moving rapidly on to what was possibly Check 3 where real paper was encountered once more, Fast Forward and Towed were busy checking it out when cries of "On On" were heard from up on the road. Not the rest of the pack, but Lao Lover and Night Owl who had stumbled across the trail whilst making their way up to the Big-Monastery-On-Top-Of-The-Hill-Whose-Name-Always-Escapes-Me-But-Where-Everyone-Puts-A-Holding-Check. (cool it Towed! not only did my spelling check not accept this, it refused to continue checking anything else - GM) Paper was almost immediately lost again and whilst the four FRBs cast around, the rest of the pack managed to catch up.

By dint of heading in the obvious direction, the next check was found just below the asphalt road leading up to the monastery and the trail sure enough led to a Holding Check at the gates (which was being concealed by four or five local lads deciding it would make a decent place to sit). Only one way from here and that was down (the usual up-trail) and to the Chowk where we discovered the rest of the pack who had taken a more direct route (off paper, you short-cutting bastards). From here, chaos ensued and everyone made their own way home, following virtual paper. It appeared at times that the Hares had made the effort and dropped into the local photocopy shop to buy a few sheets that they could tear up and dump behind electricity poles.

Eventually most of the pack staggered in after some 105 minutes of challenging running, some still clutching scraps of paper like security blankets. Lovely snacks were wheeled out and warm beer was supped. Eventually the GM called things into some sort of order but then lost it straight away by having to rush out to search for his camera. Deputy Dawg, demonstrating the sympathy that one GM should show for another, led the barracking. Run Crafty and Walk Crafty left in shock at this display of bad taste.

From here on the account becomes a little sketchy as, in keeping with the rest of the run, virtual paper was used for the purpose of taking notes. Doubtless that the GM will be able to fill in any of the gaps, provide correct spellings of names, etc., etc.

I’m fairly certain that the Hares were called into the circle, that suitable patriotic phrases were read from some of the paper rescued from the run, that Naren was impressed that Ziggy had negotiated the whole run without him, that the bidding opened around minus one and got worse before it got better and that it all ended up with a stunning score of 9.9.

Virgins were detected in the ranks, three big ones and three small ones. One was probably Henry, the inevitable Viaggro visitor, another an MSF conscript. Two of the small ones came with each other and the third, as far as I can recollect, was not consulted (should that be insulted?).

Newcomers also came in threes but one was a proxy for Hare Husband Yanno.

Returnees, and I use this term advisedly rather than the oft-preferred “Welcome Backs”, since the trio included Slow Drip and Deputy Dawg, were acknowledged before next week’s run was briefly discussed and a decision to have it out beyond Chabahil somewhere was made.

The GM tried to move smoothly onto the Hashit but was interrupted by Towed who called in Towed Under for an inability to climb stairs. At some stage Leila was also called in for, I think, usurping the GM’s (laughable) authority, three others were awarded a free beer for being too quiet and Maria was named Left Behind. Other than that, the proceedings were brief and the GM was finally allowed to call for nominations for the Hashit. Slow Drip and the Fox were quick to nominate Towed for his piratical appearance, but the even more unusual event of Grumble not saying one word during the whole proceedings ensured that, for the second week in succession this prestigious award, or at least its stand-in until Ruru Lulu deigns to return the original, went to the Dumb Dane.

Well done to the Hares for getting everyone home without using paper and to Mrs Rotter and Leila for the super hash catering.