Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1334 19 June 2004
Location Sitapaila Broad Swards Hares Yogi Hare, Shiva, Tulsi
Hashers 34 Hashit Towed
Trash Towed Trashflash Lost Ark, Rotter
Remarkables virgins: Abby, Becky returnees: Etienne, Karin, Pinchi
The Pictures The Trash


Towed has just run through this one. What could have he been thinking? This is before the five minute rule was introduced

Hares Shiva, Tulsi, and Yogi Hare

Virgins Abby and Becky

Returnees Etienne and Karin

Returnee Pinchi

Savouring the subtle blend of river, sweat, and beer, Abby is put off hashing - until next Saturday

A well-deserved Hashit as usual


With a minor diversion to avoid roads works and a complete lack of coherent destructions as to how to get to the site, added to the excitement of having picked up two young American virgins about 100metres before the correct turn off, I found myself heading towards Ramkot, closely followed by gullible'sBeaufort and Etienne. Realisation that we were heading a tad too far soon followed (not to mention a Yogi Hare on his bike desperate to drum up trade) and we eventually arrived safely at the On-In site. Run destructions that included reference to the fact that this was the same site as Run 1324 rather than references to big trees on the right where previous events had been held (but not in my lifetime) might have been more effective. (As you may finally have realised Towed, the section of the road with the big tree was closed so there was a small diversion. This confused almost no-one except you - GM)

Anyway, once we got there proceedings were started. However, before things got truly under way, Run Crafty was called into the circle to receive an early leavers down-down for his sins on the last three runs. The Hares announced ten checks with quite a number (three or four) holding. River crossings and other stuff were also announced, followed by the Master’s usual explanation for the virgins. Recent weather ensured that a good and muddy run would ensue, and sure enough we were soon slipping and sliding down towards the river with only minor interruptions for a back check, and the first notice that Yogi was sticking to a full 400 metres before restarting paper.

A long run up the river with many crossings, although Duckbill just swam and splashed up the whole thing without coming out, took us to a second check. From here a false trail took us up the hill to the south, with a tempting blob of paper laid a little beyond the X. Enough for Rotter, Lost Ark and Run Crafty to allow themselves to be led astray by Towed. Gaining the road at the top of the hill we were treated to the sight of the rest of the pack still heading up river. Paper was soon found coming up from the valley and the four intrepid advance scouts proceeded to lead the way for the rest of the day. The others must have been really useless as we were having to run all the checks and calling all the way and they still never caught up, even at the holding checks (where the Master introduced a new rule of a 5-minute maximum wait).

The monastery beckoned after a long run out along the road but, from a holding check at the small school just below it, the trail ran back down onto the road again and continued north-west. At some point the trail cut down to the river again, across and up to a check on the green road back from the Ramkot site. At least by now we were heading back to Sitapaila. From another check the trail led us up to a village and a Holding Check. The five minute rule was introduced here and the gang of four set off on the search for paper. A good trail was found but this expired after a while and further search was abandoned in the interests of getting back to the beer, having been on the go for well over an hour and a half by this stage. Eventually the out trail was encountered and in a touch under two hours we were back at the beer. The Walkers had only recently returned and some further time elapsed before the main pack returned, protesting of cheating and shortcutting by the advance party. It is worth pointing out at this juncture that on the basis of the fact that The Master is always right, I was the only hasher that day who completed the correct trail, having been in Rotter’s company all afternoon!

The circle was swiftly called to order once the pack had got in, but not before Run Crafty had already legged it for the fourth week in a row. Hares were duly called in and judgment passed. Amidst remarkably few complaints an impressive nine point nine was awarded.

Virgins Abby and Becky, both interns at the US Embassy, were welcomed to the hash with other down-downs, as far as I can recall, as follows
Returnees Etienne, Karin and Pinchi (separately)
The Master, Lost Ark and Towed, all twice for various offences imagined by the Fox who had had a bad paper day. (i.e. he had been following paper all day!)
The Danish football team, ably represented by Grumblewald, for being so boring as to make Grumble seem like a really interesting person
The Master for crashing
Hashit to Towed – a clearly pre-plotted event masterminded by The Fox and Keeled, lacking as it was in the usual spontaneity and wit that Hashit discussions usually inspire
the Virgins again for picking up the words of the hash song faster than Apple who still doesn't’t know it after about 600 runs

Apologies to anyone I missed, but the memory isn’t what it used to be.
Thanks to the Hares for a long and challenging run and to Mrs Rotter for the excellent snacks.

class="blue_emphasis">Mrs Rotter for the excellent snacks.