Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1336 3 July 2004
Location MSF HQ, Bansbari Hares Fast Forward, Left Behind, Chris
Hashers 28 Hashit Fast Forward
Trash The Fox Trashflash Rotter, Phil Milner
Remarkables virgins: Rosalie, Heather, Søren, Lene, Marjolaine returnees: Marianne, The Mad Dane, Fred un-regretted leavers: The GM and Family
The Pictures The Trash

That Sewer in Full


Four Virgins and a Returnee behind

Issue of a certificate that the recipient had just completed a run of half-marathon proportions and was probably still alive

Was it or was it not a half marathon?

The Hash Correspondent noted that only 28 people came to "enjoy" another Fast Forward romp. The walkers seemed to enjoy a rather long stroll, while the runners covered most of the north-western quadrant of the Kathmandu Valley.

Scanty paper took the pack north as usual, and through the western suburbs of Hati Gauda, and on to the usual hill-top check overlooking the Bishnumati River. We headed upstream, but turned west rather than attack the Tokha army camp. A scramble over a low ridge and drop to the next valley, put the pack onto an open sewer which served as a cool if somewhat smelly track upstream to the Sapana Tirtha temple, the site of the annual new year's festival, where devotees wash in the dammed stream, in order to protect themselves from eye ailments - fat chance!

A shower gave the pack a chance to rest at the temple, while the mutts went inside to perform proper rites. Paper headed north-west, but the Fox was checking south-east and was tempted to stay in that direction. Out of total respect towards the hare, Fox took a short-cut west on a road heading west towards Sanglatar. Keeled Over and Grumblewald were, for once, smarter, and headed to Tokha and paper heading home.

Meanwhile the pack looped anti-clockwise to Sanglatar and headed east again, dropping to follow another stream instead of the road. Rotter and Run Crafty stayed on the road and were soon in Tokha Meanwhile the badly reduced and far from happy pack climbed through leech-infested brambles to another holding check, and ended up back into another valley before climbing another track to Tokha

After a quick Tokha Tour the pack headed out the town's south gate and again east and downhill to find another stream to splash in. Another climb lead to Dhapasi and then the trail again dropped before the final climb to Bansbari and home.

Experts questioned Fast Forward's claim that the run was 21 km long, but those who completed the run on paper, agreed that it felt a lot longer. The Hash Mismanagement DEMANDS that Fast Forward repeat the course with a measuring wheel and report the exact distance at the next circle.

Whatever, it was a great three-in-one course through beautiful country. Perhaps we can take the next couple of weeks off to recover.

The circle lacked its usual pep, but we did welcome five virgins Rosaline, Heather, Søren, Lene, Marjolaine from Denmark, and Canada, and returnee Bengt. The hare-hosts awarded certificates to the six fools who completed the course. Fast Forward graciously accepted the Hashit.

Thanks to Left Behind, Durga and the Rotter's Roost Kitchen for the snacks.

the Rotter's Roost Kitchen for the snacks.