Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1339 24 July 2004
Location Druba Tara School, Chapali, south of Budhanilkantha
Hares Run Crafty, Walk Crafty, Tibet Gal, & IB
Hashers 16 Hashit Grumblewald
Trash The Fox Trashflash Keeled
Remarkables Virgin: Line Nielsen returnees: Nicolette newcomers: Jacob, White Fang, Pirkko
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Grumblewald gets the Hashit so often I will not bore you with another shamelessly idiotic photo. GM

Run Crafty should be renamed Run Crafty+ after managing a classic monsoon run. The hares noted the muggy morning weather so conjured up a cooling rain. [Ed. note: It pished it down from 2.45 to 3.45 pm] They overdid that a little, but it did not deter the 23 runners, many Scandinavian, from jumping into the muck.

Paper took the pack west for a while to check 1, a backcheck, and then north to check 2, before heading east and crossing the Budhanilkantha road to check 3 near the headwaters of the Dhobi Khola. We headed downstream a while and then up the east bank to check 4. Paper then headed up a jeep track a while to holding check 5. A false trail continued up the road, while the paper started between two village houses and headed more or less level to the south to check 6 on open badlands. The Fox fell for the trap and was left alone, but did get back to the chariots with the first group.

Meanwhile, the faithful followed Run Crafty on to the usual temple check (7) above the river. This time the pack was badly scattered. Somebody finally got the sheep heading south to check 8 somewhere, and onto a long home run. The wiser simply headed along the road west back to Chapali.

Walk Crafty and Tibet Gal teamed up to lead Itchy Balls and friends for a reasonable walk.

The rain was now over and a quick circle came to order, praising the hares for super service. There was a minor complaint that Run Crafty led the pack, a no-no for hares. However, by then the smart runners were heading for home, and only the sheep-brained were left in the pack. Without hare help, they would still be out there somewhere.

We welcomed Virgin Line Nielsen, of marathon fame.

Newcomers were Jacob Thorsen, here to "develop" something; White Fang (alias Ann Leander), helping Kiwi Fruit as our local Earthquake Observer; and Pirkko Kaikkoen, visiting from Finland.

Returnee: Nicolet, paying her final respects before her final exile to Cambodia.

The usual wankers were Itchy Balls and The Mad Dane, and Hash splashers Hurry Krishna and Fox.

Grumblewald gladly accepted the Hashit for failing to pay his hash dues. Keeled also got a free beer for pressing the off instead of the shoot button when trying to take a photo of Grumble being awarded the Hashit.

a photo of Grumble being awarded the Hashit.