Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1341 7 August 2004
Location Ayurvedic Research Centre, TU, Kirtipur Hares Hurry K and The Grate Dane
Hashers 31 Hashit Rotter
Trash Towed Trashflash Rotter and Tadpole
Remarkables newcomers: Fred 'Jaegermeister' Yeager returnees: Jalak, Joanne, Leah, Sona, The Rotters, Becky
The Pictures The Trash


Newcomer Fred


The new New Balance 'GM-Air' model with special plastic interior to keep the shit out and the beer in


If ya can't drink it throw it at the family

GM's visage perfectly obscured

The signs at the start were not good. We had watched a number of chariots drive past the turning into the On In site and although the Hare without the hair was back, the Hare with the hair was seemingly lost. So if Hurry K is lost in his own back yard, what chance do us poor Harriers and Harriettes have?

First paper was up the road towards Kirtipur then looping back through the campus to Check One, a few hundred metres short of the main road, all on tarmac. From here the trail headed into the shiggy and northwards, still through the campus and heading towards Kirtipur. Having erred slightly at Check One I was well behind the pack and relying on the guidance of the local youth to establish where the other loony bideshis had gone. Occasional glimpses of the back markers helped and I finally caught up just after Check 3 by judiciously following the Hare on a minor shortcut (major ones being against my principles, of course).

Holding Check 4 was simply down the road and up the steps from Check 3. The walkers were already there, minus Sock Sucker and Lazy Towed who had decided that it was all a bit to much for their portly little bodies and buggered off back to the chariots (without advising a far from gruntled Hare).

The pack had been fairly well together to this point but the lanes and alleys of the town are a singular barrier to hearing the calls of fellow hashers. So it was that, having caught the two young ladies who had found first paper, I found myself alone at the front (although being steadily caught by Grumble). We then proceeded to lose the rest of the pack and despite being on paper most of the way back (which is more than can be said of any of the others) managed only to see two of the remaining four checks. Following a long loop to the south, which led back via the main road, we were somewhat surprised to arrive back at the On In to find most of the pack, including The Fox who had not been there at the start, already there. No-one had overtaken us but it all became clear when they started talking about only seeing one blob of paper after Check 5 and pointing towards a location in Kirtipur. Bunch of short-cutting-bastards!

Given the limited numbers attending, the GM was obliged to call the circle to order once folks started to leave. Hares were called in and awarded a 9.9. Don't know why, given the amount of tarmac running which left most of my body incapable of fluent movement for the following two days.

Other down-downs were awarded as follows: (you can tell I've only got the photos and no notes)

Returnees Rotter and three girls: the latter group who were welcome back
Fred, who was given a bastardised version of his former hash name that I cannot recall (formerly Jaegermeister now possibly, but not yet formally, Woolly Jumper - GM)
Sock Sucker for returning
Latecomers 69 and The Fox
The Grate Dane, because he's there
New shoes and loud laces - Rotter
Grumblewald, also because he's there
Run Crafty, probably for not leaving early
69 and Towed for blood injuries
Tadpole for something
The GM for trying to wash his new shoes during the run
Hashit to the GM for daring to return
Enge, possibly for remaining married to The Grate Dane
The Grate Dane and the bird in the yellow shirt; goodness knows why
Grumblewald, very slowly
Sock Sucker for violating rule 351 - No Pogo Sticks on the Hash
Night Owl - again, goodness knows why, but I'm content with abandoning his motherland
Run Crafty again
Chris, possibly for irrigation before the circle was closed

The GM then offered himself as a sacrifice in front of Run Crafty's chariot. Run Crafty to get 13 down-downs next week for turning down this once in a lifetime (well, it would certainly have been once in Rotter's lifetime) opportunity

Thanks to the Hares for a long, challenging and painful run and to Mrs Rotter for the excellent snacks. Just wait 'til this week.

mphasis">Mrs Rotter for the excellent snacks. Just wait 'til this week.