Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1342 14 August 2004
Location Towed Hall, Baisepatti Hares Tadpole, Towed, Lazy Towed
Hashers 52 Hashit Towed Under
Trash Towed Trashflash Leahy, Tadpole, Rotter
Remarkables virgins: Sacha, Dominique, Chris, The Leahys: Manisha, Michael, Danielle newcomers: Mandy, Jasmine, and the Millards: Elisabeth, James, Richard, Von returnees: Thabang, Connie, Julius, Paul, Reinhardt, Vincent, Rasmuss, Chris, Deputy Dawg, Thomas, Bruce, Suman, Lakpa, Alida, Steffan, Laksman, Leyla visitors: Max leavers: Tadpole, Towed, Chris, 69, Grumblewald
The Pictures The Trash

An event of amateurs. Except the drinking, most of which was executed by seasoned pro's.

Hares, with Griot attempting a top-up mid-down-down

Virgin Sacha. He did get a down-down.

Returnees, including the Hash Match section: just-been, at centre, and soon-to-be at right

Leavers Tadpole and 69. Both likely to be seen again in the not-too-distant-future.

The Dude and the Dawg.

Hashit Towed Under


Billed as the Towed Hall Hash Olympiad 2004, there is little more to be said about this run that hasn't already been said. What further superlatives can be lavished on it: how much more praise can be heaped on the broad and macho shoulders of the Hares? (That's enough overblown rubbish Towed - GM)

Tadpole had wanted to run from Champi but Towed Under said no, run from Towed Hall. A compromise was reached with the run going almost to Champi but starting and finishing at Towed Hall! Designed specifically for The Fox, who rather churlishly decided not to turn up, the run kept the pack guessing which valley they were going into next.

Starting off as usual down the terraces, the trail took the runners in an almost complete circle around Towed Hall whilst the walkers ambled gently along the khulo. Meeting up at Check 3, the runners then dived down to the valley below Khokana whilst the walkers continued to amble along the khulo.Night Owl and the Sane Dane were noted taking a little shortcut along the walkers paper at this point. Holding Check 5 gathered everyone together before plunging down towards the Nakhu Khola where the trails split, with the runners heading off upstream (literally, as the paper took them through the river a few times) and the walkers heading downstream.

Walking kids were delighted to get to the river, all except Paul who decided he wanted to go on the big boys' run and had to be caught and sent back just before he plunged into the river. The walkers eventually headed away from the river and back to Towed Hall. The runners, however, were not so fortunate. After ploughing up the river, the trail feinted back over the road towards Bungamati but then took the old Tuesday Run trail back down to the Nakhu and up the other side to Holding Check 8. Here was where it all went pear shaped.

Rotter had been confidently predicting where the paper was headed - a left hand loop round past his house to join the walkers trail back to Towed Hall. There was really only one trail out from the check and the pack took it. However, Rotter must have had his field glasses out in the morning watching the Hares setting the trail and nipped down to lay some paper down the khulo instead of the way the Hares had set the run, which was "On-Upstream". This must have been why he was so confident about where the trail was headed. One thing was for sure and that was that the Hares had never laid the paper in that direction. The wise took the advice of Front Hare Tadpole, the foolish (who included nobody - GM) followed Rotter and Grumblewald like sheep. Fortunately Towed managed to guide most of them back to Check 9. The two know-alls, however, were beyond redemption.

By this time the pack had split into two groups to head down to the suspension bridge and up the other side towards Bungamati. On gaining the main road, the second group decided that discretion was the better part of valour and opted for the direct route back to the On-In. The remainder soon found themselves skirting the south side of Bungamati and down towards the Bagmati suspension bridge. A quick nip up and down to Khokana found the home arrow around 1.5km out from Towed Hall and a weary but hardy few wended their way back. They do deserve a mention for their efforts: Steffan, Chris, Run Crafty, Naran, Night Owl and last, but by no means least, Deputy Dawg.

My lasting memory will be the expression on 69's face when advised that there was "only 45 minutes to go" when he'd been running for 1 hour 50 minutes. Sorry, 69, I lied. It was only 40 minutes. Tadpole's belief in the principle of no pain, no gain was well proven. It hurt like hell and we gained strains, hernias, leech bites and sore feet. Not even Bass and Duckbill were running by the end.

Recollection of the circle is therefore rather dim. The Hares were called in to receive the abuse of the pack, but not before significant numbers of the walkers had left. Supine in chairs, they were suitably abused. Duff beer was provided to drink, other beer was poured on their crotches and the Master complained bitterly about the paper he had laid not having a cross at the end of it. 9.9 was awarded but by then the Hares had had their down-downs and were off. Walkers' Hare Lazy Toad complained that he had not been given his down-down - don't remember whether he got one or not.

One youthful virgin remained and was duly inducted before the returnees Chris, Bruce, Sane Dane and others were welcomed back. Sane Dane and Chris were called in to celebrate their impending divorce and marriage respectively. The Master bemoaned the fact that the Sane Dane hadn't married a hasher but in my view he was right. Most hashers are too ugly, hairy and sweaty to make serious house pets.

Visitors Deputy Dawg and a disgustingly fit bloke who insisted on being called The Dude were fêted before the wheels started to come off the circle in the usual way. There were a few crashers, almost certainly including 69 and Leavers were Chris, 69, Tadpole and, belatedly, Towed Under although she's only going for a couple of weeks.

Nobody picked up the shortcutters - Sane Dane and Night Owl for the little one at the start and Rotter and Grumble for the big one at the end.

Eventually the Hashit was unwrapped and nominations were called for. The run must have been seriously bad as no-one nominated the Hares. Eventually it was awarded to Towed Under for, I think, being responsible for the Hares.

Thanks to Mrs Rotter, Ever Ready and Towed Under for the excellent snacks. No thanks needed for the Hares - we're happy in ourselves that what we did was good and right and we will get our rewards in Hash Heaven.

A final thought - if Chris Grant was a Leaver, why was he still at Towed Hall at 11.30? (a quote from around 8.00: "I won't stay for anything to eat, I'll just finish this beer and go". Three beers, two plates of spag bolog and half a bottle of red wine later, Towed Under went into the "I think we should go to bed now dear, Chris is desperate to leave" mode!)

ss="blue_emphasis">Chris is desperate to leave" mode!)