Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1348 25 September 2004
Location Nipple House, Sanepa Hares Naren, Apple, Sanjeev and Line
Hashers 53 Hashit Naren
Trash Keeled Over Trashflash Towed Under, I'm afraid
Remarkables virgins: Ron, Pushpa, Nimesh newcomers: Shrivelled Squirrel, Bill, Andrew returnees: Towed Under, Big Jim, Joanne, Grumble, Reinhardt, Pauli, Krish, Viaggro, Big and Small Lakpa milestones: longest ever hash?
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In Towed Under's camera at the moment

Challenging the infamous Dhapasi half marathon of earlier this year - aka Himalayan hash 1336 - today's 'event' saw the last two runners staggering in 3 hours and 15 minutes after the starting gun. The last to finish were newcomers Shrivelled Squirrel, erstwhile religious adviser to the Palestine Hash, and Bill(?) the-guy-who-ran-with-his-top-off. They arrived back after the circle had finished and were given down-downs for being late. They should have been given a medal for managing to navigate their way back to Sanepa on such a meandering and unpredictable course when being so new to the Valley. These newcomers may have to be re-classified as 'visitors' unless they have a perverted sense of how best to spend a Saturday afternoon, and decide to turn up again next week.

The run was a twisted version of the Lost Ark's Tuesday run with lots of twists and turns, and a bloody great loop from a point that anybody with any sense of empathy for their fellow hashers would have made the furthest point out. The only redeeming feature was a raksi-cum-tequila holding check at this point on a bluff by Chobhar quarry.

It started in Sanepa from Naren's Nipple with the first hurdle being to get past the USAID-issue guard manning the high security gate. Towed stood in for Rotter and sent the hash on its way on what the hares said was to be a shortish excursion.

The smell was dreadful as outside the Ring Road we jogged around the environs of the Bagmati and the fermenting Bagdhol holding ponds to the long-awaited first holding check.

Paper was hard to come by all the way as USAID produces a very fine grade of shredded paper compared to our usual product. It was so fine that much of it had dissolved by the time the pack passed and you could hardly make it out except when it was placed on a cowpat.

Eventually Kiwi Fruit smelt out the paper leading over the 'Made in Aberdeen' bridge by the university. From there traces led us along the main road and westwards up a challenging hill which slowed the hash down to a line of panting walkers/walking panters.

The front runners picked up paper around the eastern side of Chobhar hill, and after much confusion almost everybody found their way to the raksi stop manned by the CEAMP chariot and charioteer.

This is where things really began to go haywire as the runners pack became sub-divided into short-cutting runners, half-cut joggers, and paper-following runners. Amazingly Towed and the Fox went along with lead hare Naren and followed the paper on a long rambling loop around the rice fields heading in the opposite direction to Sanepa.

First back, on the two hour mark, were SCBs Steffan, Grumble, Viaggro, and Keeled, who had all taken the sensible option of ignoring paper and heading back directly via the Chobhar and Nakhu bridges. Next in were a bunch of motley walkers misled by Towed Under and Tibetgal, who had all hitched a ride in a tempo.

It was around an hour later before Towed hove into sight followed by the Fox, Rasmus, and others, all looking pretty knackered after their ordeal. The lead hare and his partner in crime Line, sheepishly crept in and the circle got going soon after Towed had recharged a little with two bottles of San Miguel.
It was a pretty low key circle as everybody was too knackered to say much. The hashit was unanimously and unsurprisingly awarded to Naren. One to remember (or forget)!

Thanks to Durga "Mrs Rotter" Potter and Naren's helpers for the snacks.

Naren's helpers for the snacks.