Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1351 9 October 2004
Location pine to east of Godavari Resort Hares Grumble and Viaggro
Hashers 60 Hashit Keeled Over
Trash Towed Trashflash Rotter and Towed Under
Remarkables virgins: Maya, Bidiya, Baba, Shreaya, Charley newcomers: McJeff returnees: Fred, Lene, Dead Dog, Handphun, Alexander, Rainer, Vincent, Paul, Alida, Leila, Yano, Suraya, Ramesh, Pasi, Jonathon, Helle, Victor, Vincent
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Hash Crashes: the very long and very the short of it

Keeled holds the Hashit out of Towed Under's careful composition

Originally planned as a celebration of HHHH Run 1350, this event at Godavari was usurped by the revelation, made by Night Owl, that Friday 15th October was the 25th Anniversary of the Hash, which was considered to be a far more auspicious occasion and much more deserving of hosting Run 1350. So it was that this run was relegated to 1351, with 1350 to be held on the anniversary. Nonetheless the attractions of a poolside buffet at the resort encouraged many to crawl out from the woodwork.

Hares Grumble and Viaggro were called into the circle well before the final latecomers, the newlywed Grants, and Griot and associate, had arrived, but as usual Grumble was waxing so eloquently that they had ample time to park and join in. Eight checks were announced, with an uncertain number holding, and dire warnings about crop bashing after Check 8.

The run itself is worthy of brief mention, being set on some familiar, excellent trails and being of a relatively sensible length. The run was typified by a series of uphill back-checks, and notable for the fact that The Fox was a non-finisher, having to depart early from Holding Check 6 to make it to a late afternoon engagement. The main event, however, was one of the best circles experienced in almost 3 years of hashing in Nepal. This was largely due to some highly disrespectful behaviour from, as we Brits would say, the friends from cross the pond. Griot and Big Jim, ably supported by the newcomer in the shades, Naren and others gave the GM more lip in one circle than I've managed in the last 3 years. Other supportive derision came from the Grants, Kiwi Fruit, Jonathan, Towed Under and Keeled.

The Hares were awarded an immaculate 9.9, this week possibly out of seven. A couple of virgins were also welcomed, one, the circle was advised, being a virgin in both ways. Can't imagine quite what could be implied by that remark!

Other down-downs, in no particular order, and with no guarantees of this being the complete list, were awarded to:

Newcomer and Cultural Attaché McJeff, plus the person who brought him along
Visitor (perennial) Jonathan from Bhutan
Too many returnees to list
Naren for keeping bad company
Phil, for being an apprentice Handphun, along with the real one to show him the way
The footloose Inger, Maria and Towed Under
A token wanker, but I can't remember who
Latecomers the Grants, Margaret, Griot
Crashers Paul and someone else
The Hashit to Keeled, partly for his socks but mainly because he simply hasn't had it for a while.

There may have been more miscreants but, sadly, the hash ran out of beer before they could be called to account and so social drinking by the pool was called for.

Thanks to Mrs Rotter for the snacks and thanks also to the Hares for a truly wonderful run