Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1354 30 October 2004
Location Chobar Quarry Hares Shriveled
Hashers ? Hashit Shriveled
Trash Towed Trashflash Towed Under
Remarkables trail: through the Bagmati returnee: Rødent
The Pictures The Trash

Looks to me like the Hare approaching the Bagmati

First HHHH beer check since Stats did one south of Thimi

Even Eveready looks ridiculous sometimes!

Keeled and Bin Towed

That shirt

Like it or not, the Himalayan Hash was dragged screaming and kicking into the world of international hash rules on this run. This entailed a live Hare, a bag of flour, an indeterminate number of checks, no marking of false trails and countless other things that we’re simply not used to. The Hare, a single, mature, ex-military male seemed to have a very good way with small children, offering them sweeties before the run to get their parents into trouble. Sadly, the said children seemed to have forgotten the doctrine drummed into them about taking sweets from strange men!

A select few of the more gullible hashers gathered for this event more or less at the appointed hour. In the run briefing the Hare’s affinity for cross dressing was exemplified in his insistence that father of 3 and stand-in Master, Towed, wore international ladies attire, and his innocent and virginal 15-year old son wore a skimpy mini-version of the same outfit. Complex instructions well beyond the comprehension of an average HHH Harrier were issued and the five-minute start allowed. Walkers were allowed to leave straight away.

The trail led off, fairly predictably, down towards the suspension bridge. Some of the younger members of the walking fraternity were calling the pack on from the other side by the time the runners hove in view, and off they went, heading on up from the bridge to the chowk and straight on up the road towards Baisepatti. The trail then doubled back down to the track along to the brick factory (and, had Grumble strayed a little further on his check from the chowk, this could have led to a massive shortcut and the possible capture of the Hare, if he’d managed to get that far).

The trail then meandered down towards the river then back along towards the bridge again. How would the Hare get out of this other than by disappearing up his own backside? Somehow he had, as Andrew and a couple of others spotted him running along the far bank towards the temple (see photo). We know most Aussies think they’re god, and this one more so than most, but had he really walked on the water? (An offer, conscientious readers may recall, that was rejected by our own RA on Run 1348.) The more foolhardy, who must be named as Steffen, Night Owl and Andrew, were mad enough, and well enough insured, to brave the murky depths. Sadly my medical insurance does not cover such events and so, with Hurry Krishna, I made my way back along the out trail to the bridge and crossed in safety.

Others who had also reneged on dipping their toes in the cool refreshing waters (Rødent, Keeled Over and Kiwifruit, to name three) assumed that this was the end and headed back to the cars. Not so. The crafty Hare had placed a holding check at the temple a mere 100 metres or less from the out trail – ok by international rules apparently, but anathema (look it up in a dictionary) to Himalayan Hashers. Those who made it the long way round (Grumble, Hurry K and Towed) were castigated for short cutting with a down-down, for this was also a Beer Check. There were some concerns, when Night Owl’s absence here was noted, that his legs may already have dissolved from the properties of the holy waters, but he eventually appeared.

Runners, or at least the six that were left, plus walkers headed off for a second dose of madness, this time a shorter loop reversing much of the bit of Run 1348 that had ventured into the area.

On returning to the On-In a veritable feast was discovered set out on the stand-in hash table – the problem of having Towed Under’s standard fare augmented by more exotic stuff from Handphun and Ever Ready. Eventually the scrummage around the table subsided enough for the Stand-In Master to call the circle to order and request favourable comments on the run from the pack. A pregnant silence ensued before the abuse started. A little hash discipline had to be exercised first, with down-downs for private partying to Ever Ready and Handphun. Eventually a score of 9.9 was suggested by Grumble and accepted.

Other down-downs were awarded to:

premature terminators: Keeled Over, Kiwifruit and Rødent
Rødent for returning
Water babes: Shriveled, Night Owl and Andrew (Steffan having legged it)

Grumble for something

Halloweenies: Carrot Brain, Chris, Custard Tart, Jennifer, Elena and Lazy Towed
Ugly Buggers Rødent and Shriveled
Dressy-Yuppies: Towed, Keeled and Lazy Towed
Andrew for the shirt

And finally we came to the award of the Hashit. There really wasn’t much choice. Shriveled immediately started nominating everyone else, knowing what was in the offing. There was, however, no way he could squirrel his way out of this one. An attempt to claim that awarding it for crossing the Bagmati would actually shame the rest of the pack was neatly diverted by the Stand In Master who made the award for having a holding check within 100m of the out trail.

Run Crafty suffered the usual penalty for leaving early and was nominated to set next week’s run.

Thanks to Handphun, Ever Ready and Towed Under for the nosh and to the Hare for introducing different and, in places, revolting ways of doing it.

the Hare for introducing different and, in places, revolting ways of doing it.