Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1356 13 November 2004
Location Griot’s New Grotto, Sitapaila Hares Griot and Griot’s Gal
Hashers 57 Hashit Brian Hollander Returns!
Trash Towed Trashflash Therese
Remarkables virgins: Katherine Koch, Natasha Basley, Richard Klima newcomers: Michelle returnees: Brian and Judy Hollander, Gyurmi, Thulo Lakpa, Heme, Laura, Jeff, Cheryl visitors: Mombasa Trevor
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The Return of Hollander

And here is what he looked like in the eighties (at the back). Could be The Fox in front

Virgins and more. The one on the right need not consider ever coming back - GM

Trevor finding entertaining the Circle as difficult as I do - even though he can sing - GM

Can't work out how these two got into the same down-down. Probably for wanking

Back to old habits

There's really not a lot to say about this run - variations on a Sitapaila Theme, with the hash seemingly under occupation by the forces from over the Atlantic - a usual feature of runs from this location. Eleven checks, with 2, 3 and 8 holding and something very cryptic about Check 10. Don't even know if it was a holding check, as I never actually got there. Also much care to be taken from Check 1, probably a result of the realisation by the Hare that he had suddenly become much more frugal with the paper at this point than on the rest of the run which was very well marked with the micro shredded top secret information emanating from his office. Droves of embassy staff appeared on this run, presumably to check that none of the locals were collecting it up and piecing it all back together again to find out exactly what shopping Connie had bought last week.

Anyway we all set off, led by Keeled Over, heading round the back way to the ring road. Check 1 indeed caused a few problems, not least the loss of The Fox and serious delays to Rotter and Run Crafty's arrival at Check 2. Although the walkers were in sight, "check it out" was called without waiting for them. From here there was a short run out to Holding Check 3 in a familiar location somewhere above Yogi Hare's waterfall. Paper led in all directions from here, with Night Owl and Rotter eventually finding the right trail down to Check 4 at the Manamati Khola.

The trail then meandered up the valley via Check 5, finally emerging onto the track down from the Ramkot On-In site and Check 6. A straight run along the track almost to the old site took us to Check 7, before heading up briefly onto the main road and then off again to Holding Check 8. Towed and The Fox were the late arrivals here, having been convinced the trail would head off to the forests and hills to the north. A brief interlude for Griot to provide a demonstration of Nepali dancing was ignored by all as we scattered once more in search of paper.

The remainder of the run meandered down the valley below the Sitapaila Broadswards site before a steep climb up to the trails leading back to Griot's Grotto. For once, the runners were back first and desperate to get stuck into the beer, but a sequence of events worthy of the best of hash mismanagement intervened. Keys to the beer truck were thought to be with Rotter, who had been some way behind, but when he finally arrived it transpired they were with Mrs Rotter who, the now returning walkers advised, had taken a wrong turning with a few others. Meanwhile all with keys left safely in the house were stuck as Griot's Gal was out looking for Mrs Rotter and friends. Eventually all returned safely to deny possession of the said keys, at which point, Night Owl's driver appeared from nowhere, innocently clutching a bunch of keys. Rotter rushed to insert them in the lock, but wasn't actually sure which one did what, before finding out that the door had never been locked in the first place! Quite how there was no down-down awarded for this escapes me.

Pretty soon order was established and, after a brief interlude for initial refreshments and the usual brownies from Connie, the circle was called to order and the Hares into the centre. For a change, there was little derogatory comment and a fairly swift award of a score of 9.9.

Five Virgins followed, including a slow stroppy one who ended up tossing her beer over the GM (and WHO gave her instructions beforehand? - GM). No idea who they were or why they were here.

Nepal has throughout history been fiercely independent and resistant to outside influence. Not even the mighty British in their heyday were able to colonise the country, and the fact that there is not a single MacDonalds in the place to this day would indicate that present day world powers are also failing in their bid for domination. Yet there are now appearing disturbing indications that this situation is changing. Trevor, the Visitor from Dhaka, insisted on giving a rendition of a hunting song learned from his days on the Mombasa Hash. The level of participation in the song displayed by the circle could be an indication that the external influences so recently introduced with The Uncouple's Kosovo Check on 1353, Shrivelled's international rules on Run 1354 and Run Crafty's beer check on 1355 are at last having their effect.

Other down-downs were given to:

Welcome backs: A thirsty bloke last seen on Run 1351 - the occasion of the last major US invasion of the hash - and a couple from the mists of hashing time that only the Fox, Griot and Grumble can remember.
Night Owl for his driver's concealment of the keys to the beer truck
Rodent and Grumble for irrigating
The Fox for short cutting (the long way round)
Pom Pom and Towed because Pom Pom's new Maruti got stuck last week
and probably a few others that escape recall

The Hashit was awarded without hesitation to the bloke who came back after missing the last 600 (could be a lot more than that - GM) runs or so. Don't ask me his name as I've only been here for the last 150 or so.

All in all, a relatively innocuous circle, with the tedium only broken by the 3-way dog fight, that would appear to be becoming a feature of recent hashes, and the GM losing his voice - a true blessing for any HHHH circle.

Next week's run will be hared by Night Owl from Bramakhel school - allow plenty of time to fight your way through the wilds of Chabahil.

Thanks to Griot's Gal and Mrs Rotter for the catering, to the Griot family for their hospitality and to the Hares (also the Griots) for an excellent run.

e Griots) for an excellent run.