Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1357 21 November 2004
Location Brahmakhel School on the Sanku road Hares Night Owl and Hurry Krishna
Hashers 32 Hashit Towed
Trash Towed Trashflash Keeled, Therese, Rotter
Remarkables newcomers: Guy, Banim returnees: Geoff Connor, Lao Lover and his Lover
The Pictures The Trash


Newcomer Guy knows who the Boss is

Returnee Geoff and that other road engineer

Down down for the spud lifter. Followed by calls from the pack for the mug to be autoclaved

What colour shall I put on today?

I keep having to include a shot of the Hollanders as it may be the last for fifteen years - GM

It's becoming increasingly difficult to avoid the usual boring shot of Towed with the Hashit

A fairly sparse turnout for this run for some unknown reason. On a lovely sunny afternoon it is difficult to understand why the whole of Kathmandu wasn't out on the Hash.

From the On In, the first paper headed north and up through the village before turning east across the fields. Paper seemed to stop at a stream with no indication of a check but nonetheless no obvious trail. This caused the pack to scatter before the trail was found heading back west and back up towards the village. By this time the wily Fox had led Towed astray on a devious shortcut. However, a gap in the paper had them heading off the trail on a new search, allowing the pack to catch up again.

The trail then headed along the road to Check 3 and from there a big loop to the north before returning to climb up to a small temple and an assignation at Holding Check 4 with the walkers. From the ridge the pack scattered in various directions but eventually found the trail to the north, Rotter and Keeled Over leading the way.

From this point on there were strong overtones of Run 1335 in reverse, but with slight variations. Keeled Over headed off down the wrong road and went missing for a good while, Towed tried to replicate Run 1335 in reverse too accurately, The Fox actually followed paper and the main pack got well ahead without letting the back markers know. Eventually all arrived back at the On In pretty much together and 10 minutes ahead of the walkers.

After a fairly prolonged pause for recovery The Fox clearly got bored and called the circle to order on behalf of the GM. Before the awards could be made to the Hares, the Danes were called in for something; either a private party or not supplying sensibly sized paper and thus making us follow micro-sized US stuff. The GM was also awarded a preliminary down-down by popular request.

The Hares then finally had their hour, being awarded a miserly 9.9 for what was an excellent run in great countryside. (Towed's suggestion of 99 because the whole thing was pointless was rejected.)

There being no virgins this week, Returnees Lao Lover, Lao Lover's Lover, Mrs Pom Pom, Ramesh and Geoff were next. Fortunately this week I have the photographic evidence to remind me who else was honoured by the Master, if not the reasons for the award. The list was:

The Hollanders for coming back this week as well
Therese for not handing in last week's pictures
A good old local boy
Geoff and Towed, possibly for being (road - GM) engineers
Mrs Rotter, being picked on as usual by the GM for a sin that he probably committed himself
Rødent for not competing in the mountain bike race in the morning
Rahim for snappy dressing
Run Crafty for not leaving early
The Hashit, completely unjustifiably, to Towed who had nominated The Fox for leading him astray. The subsequent discussion resulted in Rødent being nominated for following the paper too much before the final injustice was done
The Oldies: either for being here in the eighties or for being in their eighties, not too sure which: Griot, Pom Pom, The Fox, Lao Lover, Grumblewald, Brian, Geoff and the GM although he wasn't hashing in those days.
Hurry K for something
Keeled Over, Grumble and Rita for technicolour jackets
The Hollanders again
Guy and Mrs Pom Pom for curiously designed pockets
The GM again (don't ask me what it was for - GM)
Guy again

Next week's run will be hared by Keeled Over somewhere to the east of Bhaktapur - allow plenty of time to find your way as its not clear whether the instructions or the map give the right story. The Hare reckons its best to follow written instructions and hope that there's plenty of paper to show the way.

Thanks to Mrs Rotter for the catering, to the Hares for an excellent run.

atering, to the Hares for an excellent run.