Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1365 15 January 2005
Location Champi Hares Lene and Grumblewald
Hashers 47 Hashit Guy
Trash Towed Trashflash Therese & Towed Under
Remarkables virgins: Mette Damgaard, Lars Pedersen, Dorte Sorenson, Lisa Preem, Ursula Jensen, Rebecca Johnson, Zamila Bunglawala, Line Urban returnees: Dead Dog, Guy Banim, Mark Squirrel, Tony Randall, Karen Randall visitors: Elisia Teach leavers: Dead Dog and Irene
The Pictures The Trash

Above: meeting of something, certainly not of minds. Hernia can't bear it

Once again, the GM failed to make it. He seems determined to spend much of his life testing Maoist blockades in various parts of the country. Once again I, Towed, had to act as stand in Master. After waiting until 14.15 for the walkers Hare to arrive and various latecomers to pay their hash cash, patience finally ran out and the circle was called to order and the one available Hare invited to explain himself. Nine checks were announced and little else. Walkers had neither paper nor a Hare to follow. Keeled Over was still taking hash cash when the pack set off, walkers waiting for Lene to sort herself out.

The trail headed off down towards the Nakhu and the bridge leading to Chapagaon but turned off south before it got there, eventually reaching the river at Check 1, some 400 metres south of the bridge. From here it was further north along the river up to and along the khulo then west up the terraces to Check 2, somewhere near the road, which scattered the pack far and wide. Check 3 was back down the hill and further south with the trail being found by Yogi Hare, Guy and Shrivelled. Yogi seemed to be quite happy to stand around at Check 3 and let Shrivelled and Guy suss out the trail to Check 4. This was the start of the big up.

A massive uninterrupted climb followed, until Check 4 was reached more or less at the top, with an incredible choice of trails to follow. Holding Check 5 was only a few hundred metres further on, on top of a cliff with superb views to the south-east over Dukuchhap. From here it was all downhill, at least for a while, heading through Check 6 and on towards Check 7 by Adhikarigaon, from where it picked up the walkers out trail from the fantastic Keeled Over/Towed classic Three Gorges Run.

Holding Check 8 was up on the ridge - another classic holding check, by which time some of the faint hearted had taken a short cut home. Check 9 caught out nobody but me, by which time we were so close to home that it no longer mattered (to be truthful, it never really matters as far as I'm concerned - the whole object of running on the hash is to outwit the Hares).

Once everyone had sated themselves on the excellent fare provided by Ever Ready, Mrs Rotter and Towed Under (and possibly others, for which omission I apologise) the circle was called to order and the Hares into the middle to face judgement. Down downs were awarded as follows:

The Hares, from a starting score of 2, managed to scramble their way to a richly undeserved 9.9.
Shrivelled for interrupting
Virgins 4, one who works for a Danish human rights programme has been here for two years, without managing to attend a hash, Zamila who works for the International Leyla Organisation, yet another Line and one more
Returnees: Dead Dog, Tony, Karen, Ever Ready, Therese, Etienne and
Hairless ones, Keeled and Towed, although the original nomination of Keeled by Shrivelled was possibly for something else
Lene and virgin ? for a private party
Visitor Elisia, clearly a sad and desperate individual as she's here visiting Shrivelled
Shrivelled again for something else
Tony and Etienne for stunning dress sense - however, Tony's tights were not up to the terrifying standards of the GM
Hurry Krishna, virgin Lene and Etienne for short cutting
Line, Guy and Towed for sitting down at the first Holding Check (from which there were stunning views over the cliff edge that, had Rotter been there, would have been recorded on film)
Virgin ? seen running on the walk

At which point Towed Under's batteries ran out and Therese took over the role of hash flash, thus the narrative becomes more blurred as I do not have the detailed record of remaining down downs. However I do recall that:

Last weeks English teaching virgins, Beth and Adele were called in to face an even bigger challenge than last week's Canucks - this week's returning Aussie
Virgin ? for using her handphone on the run, Shrivelled for dropping his during the run and Handphun to show them both what it was really about
Lene, for haring two weeks on the trot
Leavers Dead Dog (possibly) and Irene
Towed Under, probably for being inattentive
Towed on some fabricated trumped up charge from Shrivelled (victimising Towed Under)
Ever Ready for once again transgressing Rule 154 and bringing pâté to the hash

The Stand in GM forgot:

Night Owl for still being trashless
Shrivelled for returning

But he didn't forget the Hashit. Worthwhile nominations were sadly lacking - Lene for getting lost on the way to a hash she was haring and, apparently, for getting lost on the hash as well, or Grumblewald for being unable to guide her there and generally for being Grumblewald. Finally a worthwhile nomination was made by Guy of one of the virgin human rights workers for not doing anything about the state of human rights in the country, so the Hashit was awarded to Guy as he hasn't managed to resolve the conflict yet.

A final thanks is to Ever Ready for the pâté, ham etc, Towed Under for the cake and to Mrs. Rotter (once again in absentia) for the other hash catering and the Hares for stealing bits of various Towed runs.
Next week's run will be on the road to Nagarkot about 1km beyond the abandoned NEA training centre (in other words very close to Run 1358). Hares will be Night Owl and Tibetgal.

(in other words very close to Run 1358). Hares will be Night Owl and Tibetgal.