Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1381 7 May 2005
Location Bajrabarahi Forest, Chapagaun Hares Rotter
Hashers 35 Hashit Gun Runner
Trash Towed Trashflash Rotter, Towed Under
Remarkables newcomer: Gun Runner, Gunther, Hannah returnee: Dave, Grumblewald, Yogi Hare
The Pictures The Trash

Grumble and cohorts

Where's all the beer gone?

Tibetgal's new hat ...

is christened

Look at those muscles!

Look at those gals!

Look at those girl guides!!

The first time anyone has ever volunteered for the hashit!!!

I refuse to be drawn into a war of words with the author of last week's somewhat inadequate trash, so will refrain from further discussion of the ineptitude of the stand-in Trasher.

Fortunately we have, in our esteemed Gee Emm, a person of great generosity who is prepared to respond positively in a crisis. The luckless, Lukla-stranded Viaggro was unable to set the promised run from Man Bhawan, so good old Rotts stepped in at the last minute with a run of inestimable adequacy.

So it was that a number of hashers, more than last week by a considerable margin, gathered at the end of the religious forest (Holywood?) at the more or less appointed time of 15.00 (how many gathered at Man Bhawan remains a mystery). The Master called the circle to order and himself into the middle to announce a run of 11 checks, with numbers 6 and 9 being holding checks, no mud, no river crossings and no paper (and we thought he was joking!). First paper was off to the north, and the way to Check 1 was led by Keeled and Towed (minus an expectant Duckbill who will have to walk for the next couple of months or so in view of her delicate condition).

A false trail from here was taken by Towed, with the rest of the pack following before paper simply expired. The way to Check 2 was eventually discovered, goodness knows by whom but, I suspect Brian, with a little help from the Hare. Again there was much consternation and following of blind alleys before newcomer Gunther found paper continuing north-eastwards to Check 3, from where it swung round to head west and into Thecho. Having opted for the trail being a right handed loop, I was stranded with Grumblewald at the back of the pack and have no idea who took on the role of FRB, but suspect that Night Owl may have been there as, by the time we had overtaken the walkers and caught sight of the pack, he was somewhere down by the Nakhu and heading for Champi.

Check 4, or was it 5, found the pack completely confused as the promised section of “no paper” seemed to have materialised. Yogi Hare was last seen heading for Sunakothi, Night Owl and Towed headed for Champi whilst the rest of the pack milled about like headless chickens. Apparently Holding Check 6 was down in the river, eventually viewed by the two of us from our lofty position on the path by the khulo below Champi, and we were able to see Grumblewald leading the pack up the river towards the footbridge. As expected the main trail was followed back up towards Chapagaun and Check 7 on the asphalt road. From Check 7 the trail headed south, by which time the walkers were visible taking a gentle stroll along the khulo below Chapagaun and eventually some of the pack made it to Holding Check 9, the rest having apparently gone missing from Check 7, some, such as Loverboy and Margrat never to be seen again.

From here we headed uphill again and westwards across the main road, and the pack got really strung out. Night Owl and Brian seemed to have got away, but then K L, Root Carnal and Keeled popped out of the woodwork as if from nowhere. The trail took a big loop to the south and west of the temple via Checks 10, 11 and a surprise bonus of Check 12, with Towed and Root Carnal being the only ones to follow paper all the way back.

Eventually the pack and walkers straggled in (that is, those of the pack that hadn't shortcut the last section from Check 7 and got back way before the rest), mostly coming from the temple with the exception of Brian who managed eventually to arrive along the road. The run was notable for the fact that late arrival Griot appeared at the start, but then apparently took no further part in the proceedings, never once being seen on the run and having apparently gone by the time anyone got back to the On-In. Either that, or he's still out there somewhere and someone's nicked his car!

By the time everyone was back it was well after 17.00 and, with a brief nag from Towed Under, the GM got his act together and called the circle to order once more. A brief run discussion conducted by Towed resulted in a very mediocre 9.9 being awarded. If there were any virgins, they'd all gone home. A newcomer, who was was instantly christened Gun Runner (of whom more later), was welcomed.

Returnees Dave, Yogi Hare, and Grumblewald were welcomed back, but not before Dave and Gun Runner had been chastised for wanking (in Gun Runner's case, double wanking).

There then followed a fairly shambolic circle, with Gun Runner being awarded every alternate down-down and, eventually, by the simple dint of asking for it, was awarded the Hashit. Discussions on a hash name for Brian were fruitless mainly because the GM rejected some excellent suggestions. Dave and Gun Runner were clearly unimpressed by the eclectic discussion and moaned about too much talking and not enough drinking.

Thanks to Rotts for a great run (although a tad on the short side and lacking in any serious climbs) and to Mrs Rotter for the usual fare, plus cake.

mbs) and to Mrs Rotter for the usual fare, plus cake.