Towed's rebuttal of Viagro's complaints about Trash 1386


Deer Gee Em,

In view of Viaggro's diatribe I am witholding the trash for Run 1386 until such time as he apologises for the inaccuracies of his statements. He castigates the GM for talking about what he knows not, yet alleges that The Fox and I got lost at Check 1. Totally false! I got lost going out of his garden gate on the basis that he announced the first paper as out and to the left! The Fox was not seen until we left Check 5, or was it 8, (depending on which way round the 8 you went) after which we followed paper with only one small gap of 2-3km. When he saw us, we were on paper and he was not. I know this 'cos I'd been there on the way out and can guarantee there was none. It is also worth noting that both The Fox and I considered the use of paper to be profligate rather than spartan.

Neither The Fox nor I were lost at any point. We always knew exactly where we were. Indeed, the expalnation of the group reflecting totally omits to realise tht at that stage both The Fox and I were at the holding check above, calling very loudly (probably explains their reluctance to move).

The original trash did mention the figure 8 and the tasty snacks but the revised version will not.

On On


PS, when will Ever Ready twig the real reason for the desire to rename as Lilo? Never mind the subtleties of Leyla ILO or Lying Low in Delhi . We all know that a Lilo is an inflated mattress