Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1386 11 June 2005
Location Viaggro's Villa, Man Bhawan Hares Line and Viaggro
Hashers 50, not including Nils the Skint Hashit The Hares
Trash Towed Trashflash Rotter, Towed Under
Remarkables virgins: Somebody Else, Yumi Akamo, Dianne Price, Finn Skepputhe, returnees: Lisa Grunewald, Jesse Hollander, Helle, Victor, and Vincent Shrestha, EverReddy (I can't work out why we never christened her Lilo - GM) , Nils (sort of), Line Urbana leaver: Piet visitors: Przemer Lisonski, Finn Stepputat
The Pictures The Trash

Above: I challenge Viggo and Line to explain why this picture shows a) at least one runner way off paper, b) several just off paper, c) a couple on paper but following the trail backwards and, d) the group at bottom left apparently transfixed - GM




Couldn't fit Returnee Jesse in the preceding photo

Commodious shorts

We hoped to get three pairs of skintights, but Sqizz couldn't fill his out in time

Spy camera shot of where all the Hash Beer is disappearing


Hashit for Line

18/6/05 Read Viagro's grouches about the trash photos and the trash even before it had been written/posted by clicking here.

20/6/05 Read Towed's rebuttal of Viagro's comments and some further material about the nomenclature of Lilo Leyla by clicking here.

20/6/05 Towed is withholding the trash until further notice because he is in a huff about Viagro's complaints.

23/6/05 Moratorium ended. In the assumption that Viagro will offer up his apologies in the next circle Towed has allowed the trash to be published.

The Trash

Ah, well! What to say about this one without being as offensive as the GM usually is in the circle. An unmitigated disaster caused by the GM, Shrivelled, Beership Down and possibly Grumblewald inconsiderately following the paper the correct way round whilst the rest of us, led astray by the simple method of following Towed, ran it the wrong way round.

A goodly gathering of hashers had arrived by the appointed hour in Viaggro's garden to be told that there were nine checks, of which 2 and 5 were Holding. First paper was “out of the gate and to the left”. Not so! Four of us happily discovered what the Fox knew when he turned right out of the gate THEN left, that the road past Viaggro's is a cul-de-sac. Anyway there followed a straight run out to and across the Ring Road and down the road towards the Khola. Check 1 (or was it 2?) was where the split occurred with Rotter and his cohorts heading left whilst the rest, led by Towed who was ably supported by Hurry K, went right. Confusion reigned as the two groups, both on paper were calling in competition.

It transpired that Towed had inadvertently run past a cross indicating the false trail. In their efforts to catch up with the pack by following the banks of the Nakhu, the remaining pack discovered the In-trail and headed off along that. Not much more to say, really. The two groups came briefly within shouting distance of each other below Nakhipot but then carried on their separate ways along either side of the valley, except for a canny few who hedged their bets and ran straight up the Khola.

The confusion was not helped by the fact that the revolutionary Hares had decided to set a figure of eight run, heading down the east side of the valley before crossing at the old bamboo bridge site and heading up to the first Bungamati tree, before re-crossing the river somewhere around the old Tuesday-run crossing and along the khulo, re-crossing again somewhere around the bamboo bridge before following the west bank home. Quite how we were supposed to get back to the On-In was never discovered.

Feeling the pull of social obligations, The Fox and I had decided to follow the trail home from Check 5 to get everything prepared for the circle, by which time it was generally considered that we were running the right way round (by all except Night Owl, that is, who swore blind that we'd run the wrong way in on a false trail). As we passed along the upper bank of the river opposite Nakhipot, we were pleasantly surprised to see the walkers still heading out up the river.

Eventually everyone staggered home to find delicious snacks prepared by Lise and lots of cold beer and softees. Following last week's repast, Yoshi and Moosette were determined to help Viaggro outshine Handphun's efforts and had borrowed Ever Ready's barbecue from next door and were firing it up as everyone else relaxed.

Finally the circle was called to order and the Hares very politely asked to explain exactly what had happened. It was then that the revelation of the figure of eight was made , and the realisation that no-one had managed to get it right! A variety of scores were offered – 8 for obvious reasons , 6.9 because it's the same whichever way round you do it but finally, irrevocably, the GM awarded a ridiculous 9.9!

Virgins Chantelle, Yumi, Dianne and Finn were welcomed in the traditional way – can't remember a thing about any of them, other than what they looked like!

Other down-downs were awarded to Returnees Ever Ready, Jesse, Helle, Victor, Vincent and Line who all did the run/walk as well as anyone else. Although also listed as returnees, neither the idle Nils nor Mrs Grumblewald ventured out of the garden during the whole afternoon or, I'm pleased to say, received a welcome back down-down! Leaver Piet may also have got one, as did the unpronounceable visitor from Delhi, Przemek.

It's not too clear what happened thereafter. Moosette, Yoshi and Yumi were practicing pyromania (fairly unsuccessfully for the first hour or so!), Jenny, Tibetgal and Towed Under were hitting the booze fairly heavily, and people with shorts of almost any description were given down downs. Shrivelled (see photo) clearly wished he was able to get into those nice tight fitting ones that the two Lines were wearing but, built as he is, he obviously has no chance. To everyone's concern, the GM resigned and, even more worryingly, was re-elected. There was loads of other memorable stuff that happens in a Rotter Circle. Sadly it is only memorable for around 2 minutes so the description of events in the circle pretty much ends here (ed.: although unfortunately this trash seems to ramble on endlessly!).

The Hashit simply had to go to one of the Hares. Couching Potato's backup Hashit seems to have disappeared and the Fishit is reportedly broken, so they couldn't have one each. The question was, which one? Since it was the runners who got it completely wrong, the decision went in favour of the Runners Hare, Grumbeline.

Thanks to Mrs. Viaggro for fantastic snacks and hospitality , to Moosette and Co. for the barbecue and, of course, to Mrs Rotter for organising the food, drinks and GM (if that is possible). Quite whether the Hares deserve any form of gratitude is questionable, but on the basis that they set a run that allowed The Fox and me to be back at the On-In an hour or so before everyone else (if you set a figure 8 run, you have to expect some to only do the bottom half) and sup a few ales, it's probably a yes!

pect some to only do the bottom half) and sup a few ales, it's probably a yes!