Viagro's complaints about trash 1386



Dear GM

The 1386 trash is a total disgrace! While the photos do have some merit, the text outlining this outstanding run is totally lacking. And one of the hares has been omitted!

Furthermore, the exceptional 8-shape of this fabulous hash is not even mentioned, - an 8-shape which resulted in meaningful chaos and confusion which so many hash-runs seem to lack. In this run people where actually meeting each other - face to face - coming from opposite directions. This hash also provided many possibilities and many choices, thus inducing the runners to reflect (which is, as you may know, the first step to enlightenment). Reflection (not to talk about enlightenment) are of course totally foreign to hash mentality, and these words are not even included in hashers' vocabulary, still it is the answer to the GMs 'challenging' question d) "why the picture shows the group at bottom left apparently transfixed": They are reflecting. Imagine: first the pack looses its religious shepherd AND its scout at check one. Then after check three, the Helmsman is gone as well! So no wonder they felt lost, stopped up and reflected. (Subversive rumours will have it, though, that they are actually shouting, " Good riddance!", and plotting who shall take over as the next GM.)

This run futhermore used only half the amount of paper normally used on a hash, and was thus an environmental friendly and ecological hash. The sparse paper also required hightened attentiveness on the part of the runners. This was of course a too heavy demand on the Fox and Towed who - as could be expected - got lost after the first check, and did their own private hash. As a number of others also did: Grumblewall, GM, Don etc.

It should also be mentioned that after the run tasty snacks and barbecues were served.

These features of the run should as a minimum be recorded for posterity.

On on

Re:  the other 'challenging' questions of the GM:

a) "why does the picture show at least one runner way off paper?" The only runner way off paper is the one who took the photo, that is the GM! So he should himself answer this question. What I know is that in order to get to the place where he took the picture - way off paper - Rotter has had to disregard the cross of a false trail! Anyhow, why did the GM not rejoin the pack he was so eagerly photographing instead of embarking on a private hash??)

The other questions regarding who is on and not on paper on the picture  - how can he possibly know who is on and not on paper standing way up in the hill side many hundred meters away? - trail looser!