Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1387 18 June 2005
Location Pyataar Hares Laos Lover and His Lover
Hashers 48 Hashit Shrivelled
Trash The Fox Trashflash Keeled and L. Lover
Remarkables virgins: Ramesh Ghimire, Mahesh Shakya, Tenzing Norbu, Robin McGuckin newcomers: Heike returnees: The Mad Dane, Tommy visitors: Benjamin leavers: Beership, Heather
The Pictures The Trash

One of the holding checks

Doug . . it's all your fault!

The dogs of the hare

Kofi's late-finishers . . .

. . . with late-comer

Drink it down-down-down (could Keeled have just written the most boring photo caption in HHHH history? - GM)

For not calling on-on

Social drinking

What a wonderful day! It was our last chance for a dry run for a few months. The Chabhil corner did not have the usual traffic jam and the drivers had a chance to practise orienteering while finding their way to the start. Above all, the Master was off testing the quality of brew and Maoist Targets in Bhojpur, while the main Baiter was busy boning up on canine midwifery. Such peace without the Master Baiters!

The run, from the usual parking spot near Lao Lover & Lover's dog kennel, got off to a late start thanks to their compassion for those drivers not so used to orienteering tests. We headed east and up the usual ridge to check 1. Paper took us west and higher on the ridge to holding check 2, to meet the short cutting walkers. A loop north and down brought us to check 3 on the pass, with MANY trail possibilities. The trail went north and up to a holding check on the top of the ridge, where we could enjoy the cool breeze. We again headed north and dropped off the west side of the ridge and down to farm land, where a few mutts enjoyed sheep chasing. Paper headed south again, to the usual check site below the corner between two ridges. Grumblewald headed south up the draw, where he found paper and shouted a lot, but could not be heard -- again an enjoyable situation. The Fox was above him on the ridge, so could call the pack on, and then head straight home to get the beer out.

The pack checked from the last check (9) on the ridge, and looped west towards Kopan before turning left and down, to get back to the chariots. All did well except for three walkers who could not keep up with Lao Lover.

We enjoyed a rather quiet and efficient on-on, thanks to the absence of the Master Baiters. We welcomed:

Virgins: Ramesh, Mahesh, (Tenzing and Robin were also virgins but managed to avoid a down-down)
Returnees: The Mad Dane and Tommy
Visitors: Benjamin

The circle also bid farewell (for now) to Beership and Heather (and Sitting Ducky) whose visas are about to run out. Their departure will be matched by the return of Fast Forward (and Maria) to take over at the MSF helm. This means that FRBs Shrivelled, Keeled, and Towed will no longer be able to lead the way.

It was noted that the gang of three were missing. No one paid much attention to them, but did welcome them back with a down-down along with late-comer Viagro when they finally straggled in. Lao Lover was particularly relieved because he had been conscripted to look for the lost. His Lover had brought a pack of dogs and cats along to help.  

The pack was particularly well behaved, but Shrivelled deserved and got the Hashit for filling cyber space with pornographic jokes involving bells and bending over! The Fox did not care much about the tinkling, but was most insulted at being considered American.

Thanks to Mrs Rotts for the catering.

Thanks to Mrs Rotts for the catering.