Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1388 25 June 2005
Location Chobar Village Hares Rabi, Loverboy, Guru, Dianne
Hashers 33 Hashit Etienne
Trash Towed Trashflash Rotter, Jenny P
Remarkables virgins: Becky Marshall returnees: Dead Dog, Tina, Cornelius, Etienne leavers: Steffan, Alida, Gun Runner, Dead Dog
The Pictures The Trash

The descent from Chobar


Virgin Becky

Returnees Tina, Dead Dog, Cornelius, and Etienne

Leaver Steffan, also acting for Alida

Where was the paper?

Out for a duck

Slippery Scalp Hashit

The fact that there were four Hares for this run obviously indicated either a serious need to guide the pack or simply a bunch of no good scroungers looking for free beer. It only takes 2 to lay a trail, indeed there were suggestions after the event that it had been questionable if even that many had been involved or, in fact, any of them at all. Anyway, they were eventually called in to the circle and announced 8 checks with two holding - 2 and 8 - some false trails and stern advice not to go through the crosses. Ho Ho!

So off we all set around the quarry and eventually out onto the main road at Check One. This was an indicator of events to come as the pack spread far and wide in search of the paper that was eventually found higher up and heading south-ish. In the meantime, Holly's Hound had decided that there was a very attractive flock of ducks having a swim in a roadside pond and hopped in to liven things up a bit. Holly was forced to hop in after her and break things up but was not helped by both the Hare's dogs also deciding that duck chasing looked like better fun than hashing!

From here the trail went steadily up and round to the south of the village before climbing up to the temple and Holding Check Two. Paper then led out from the temple to the west and to the last check that a fair few of the pack saw. Although paper was found by Rotter leading away from the check, it was distinctly patchy and, eventually, a foursome, led by Towed closely followed by Keeled Over who was calling "never follow Towed" to the remaining two, broke away from the pack and all remaining signs of paper!

There is little to say about the rest of the run - it was a right hand loop, Steffen, The Uncouple and Keeled did something else and I did a left hand loop, in the process finding some excellent trails that the Hares had missed. As a consequence, I did not get back to the On-In until well after the rest of the pack and after all the farewell snacks for Alida and Steffen had disappeared. They said it was a good run: so was mine and so was Keeled's, so it all worked out ok in the end.

The GM eventually called the circle into some sort of order and the Hares into the middle, carefully arranging them in front of Dave to ensure his presence in every photo this week. The run discussion was a bit muted as most of those who normally contribute so vociferously hadn't a lot to say since they had not seen paper after Check 3. There was thus a mumbled award of 9.9 which for some bizarre reason the GM decided to elevate to the glorious heights of a 9.91. All the more remarkable since he had earlier confessed to only having seen two checks.

Virgin Becky then had her petals subtly plucked by the GM. She's here saving children up for Sweden, despite being a Brit.

Other down-downs were awarded in no particular order to:

Returnees Dead Dog, Etienne, complete with haircut, and Cornelius (christened Leaky Lips for his down-down performance)
Leavers Alida, Steffen, Gun Runner and Dead Dog
Steffen for falsely accusing the GM of wearing new shoes (the ones with the gaudy orange laces that he brought back last year)
Keeled, The Uncouple, Steffen and Towed for missing a tiny little bit of the trail (i.e. 75% of it - GM)
Dave, to feature in the foreground at last
Fred, probably for just being Fred
Private partyers Steffen and Etienne
Steffen again, I think, for being overheard by the GM saying that if he had another down-down he'd probably fall over!
Holly and Hound, initially dobbed in for trying to usurp Duckbill, who is still on maternity leave, but eventually awarded for a brown bum gained on her spectacular slide down the bank and into the pond.

About to order social drinking the GM was brought back to reality by a judicious prompt from Dave and Gun Runner reminding him that he still had to award the Hashit. The Hares were too obvious as candidates so a brief few minutes were spent by the GM wandering around the circle looking for victims. Eventually a nomination of Etienne for that haircut was made and an immediate award of the Hashit followed.

Thanks to the hares for what was allegedly a good run, to Alida and Steffen for the farewell snacks and to Mrs Rotter for the usual hash catering.

Note that the final discussion in the circle was with regard to the time of next weeks run. In order to ensure the full democratic process was observed, a group of small children was bussed into the circle and, under extreme duress from Gun Runner, overwhelmingly supported a motion for a 16.00 start. This will enable the sad Brits (me amongst them) to witness the best that the four home countries and Ireland can put together getting whopped by a bunch of antipodeans at rugby.

d Ireland can put together getting whopped by a bunch of antipodeans at rugby.