Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1393 30 July 2005

Location Lamabagar beyond Balaju Chowk Hares Hurry Krishna, Heme, Thulo Lakpa
Hashers 36 Hashit Fast Forward
Trash Keeled Over Trashflash Lazy Towed
Remarkables virgins: Rebecca, Samir returnees: Couching Potato, Potato Chip Calvin, Rewind, Ashish visitors: Geoff, Nancy
The Pictures The Trash


That Griot T-Shirt


The circle spins before JP's eyes

Returnees Rewind and Somebody else


No record of the Hashit as Tadpole's batteries ran out

Hares Hurry and the two Sherps announced 11 checks with numbers 6, 8, and 11 as holdings. There was some apprehension amongst the runners that the paper had been set by two Himalayan Sherpas. Indeed there was quite a bit of uphilling. The run began with what seemed like a 10 km road race north along the track through Goldhunga with a couple of checks that fooled nobody other than FRBs Fast Forward, Shrivelled and Keeled. The paper eventually left the main trail and headed off to the right and then began to climb some of the beckoning knolls, at one point passing a school ceremony. It was here that Yogi Hare was involved in some heinous short cutting that led Keeled astray. Yogi was trying to cut off a chunk of the trail but his short cutting predictions left him benighted miles away from the paper and the pack. Holding Check 6 by a large tree led to Holding 8 and fantastic views over to Jitpur where Hash 1391 had ended up two week's previously. Monsoon greenery at its finest.

The paper now began to lead back south across flatter ground. The paths were not too slippy and the narrow ways between the rice terraces had dried up and solidified over the last week. At Check 11 Heme lit up what looked like a spliff and after that we all headed home on a long run-in past a massive Home Arrow.

A distinguishing feature of this hash was that Duckbill was there but Towed's loud bawling voice wasn't! Duckbill seemed to do much less damage to the local environment, including the fauna, without Towed bellowing at her and disturbing the peace every few seconds! (Click here for my response to this tawdry invective - Duckbill)

Shrivelled ran the circle and immediately began to mismanage it by allowing the excellent run to be awarded both an 11 or a 1.1! In fact S ran the circle like a management guru pacing back and forwards inserting little vignettes in between the down-downs which he awarded to:

Griot and Lakpa for wearing complementary T shirts
JP for being unbalanced
Keeled for leaving Rotter in the hands of the mob last week
Lao Lover for wearing shorts
Catherine for having too many sponsors
Shrivelled for imposter GM-ing
Heme for indulging on the hash (he managed to splash the local toothless idiot who was interfering with the circle)

It was great to see regular ex-hasher Martina, aka Couching Potato, on a return visit, but we did not see much of Potato Chip, aka Calvin, who managed to get lost much to the distress of his mother. The ever considerate gentleman Yogi Hare went off to search for him and must have been kicking himself at forking out NR 250 for the beer. Meanwhile Calvin turned up and some of the remaining hashers started discussing about what had happened to Yogi commenting that as he wasn't married yet that we should all just leave as no one would notice he was missing!

Lazy Towed did not get one for his camera batteries running out and Fast Forward got the Hashit for false accusations of something that actually happened. Thanks to Mrs Rotter for doing and sending the snacks.

span class="blue_emphasis">Mrs Rotter for doing and sending the snacks.