Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1394 6 August 2005
Location Bhaisipati Heights Hares Towed, Tadpole, and Dead Dog, with a lot of help from Towed Under
Hashers 36 Hashit Dead Dog
Trash The Fox, with Keeled edits Trashflash Towed Under
Remarkables virgins: Maria Miedema returnees: The Palmer Family, Therese Duveiller, Dead Dog, Dead Dog's Dad, Towed Under leavers: Dead Dog
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Virgin Maria

Returnees All

Looks like the brown bums

Hashit for Dead Dog

Great rain timing! After the wet disaster along the north rim of the Valley a few weeks ago, the Fox did extra work on his potions. Finally, by early afternoon Saturday, he got the rain turned off for a few hours, fortunately late enough to keep the hares away from their planned attempt to drown the pack in the Nakhu Khola.

Instead, the younger hares conscripted Towed to dig deep into his route records to come up with a not-too-predictable run. Towed Under guided Dead Dog and his gang along a perfect walking route. Thirty six devoted runners graced the occasion, the number down a bit probably thanks to the new non-alcohol subscription rates.

The pack charged off on soggy trails, dropping down the usual path below Towed Hall. Bigjim was the first victim, almost puncturing a kidney on a sharp rock. Others soon followed as we slid down to check 1 of 14 or so checks. Hurry Krishna ran through the false trail cross only to pick up another false trail from check 2, while the pack headed down to the crossroads leading to Sano Kokana. Towed got tired of waiting and gave the Fox a hint, but Hurry was on the correct trail by then and led the pack west to yet another backcheck. Keeled smelled this one and soon had the pack scampering up to the little temple on the ridge above Magar Gaon. We didn't wait long and the pack soon headed west again, and along the road towards Saibu. Griot took over the usual Towed job of creative checking, and headed along the ridge and through a false trail X before continuing to the Chobar Suspension Bridge. He finally showed up again at check 14, along with a disgruntled mastiff. Meanwhile the pack followed the usual good trail down south through paddy fields, to the usual brick kiln and another check. The timing was perfect as Keeled headed up on paper and Hurry Krishna, along with Heme and party, headed down. The latter group was correct and we were soon again slopping around in paddy fields to another check. The next check was a long backcheck. Again, Towed showed mercy to the Fox who found paper and stumbled on through a couple more checks, each with paper leading three ways right from the check. The move foiled the Hares' attempt to get the pack onto a "false check," that is a check heading north from check 12 but leading nowhere. This was a creative move on their part, but is NOT allowed according to the hash rules -- important if you know what rules are.

By now the Fox was struggling up the slope, away from the Bagmati, to the Karjia Binayak (?) temple on the point below Sano Kokana. Andy stormed past to be the first there, and shortly Towed Under and Dead Dog brought the happy walkers to the check. Again, perfect timing. The walkers had come in on outgoing paper, so the pack had no need to check. Check 15 was at the parking spot below Sano Kokana. This time we went down and south again, looping towards Kokana and through a couple of more checks and up to a good gentle downhill run to the chariots.

With one Master Baiter as hare, and the other resting, but wisely sending Durga as his stand-in, the Fox got to run the circle, somewhat quickly as he realized the effects of his potion were wearing off. We welcomed virgin Maria, whose nearby home looks like a good party site. Eight returnees, including the complete Palmer Family, Therese Duveiller, Dead Dog's Dad, and Towed Under, graced the circle.

There were many Hash Crashes. The Fox, Bigjim, Anjuli, and Diana were caught and awarded. Grumbleina did NOT get her bright orange slacks dirty enough so was punished. The literate hashers noted that Bigjim's photo did NOT make the papers this week, but that his advertising campaign made it into the Buddha Air flight magazine. Again, the literate noted that Hurry Krishna appeared with his Gopis in a few papers on Tuesday.

Andy was found wanking and using a phone all at once -- a feat worthy of punishment.

Dead Dog got the hashit for electing to play rugby instead of working on the hash setting. We also sadly bid him farewell as he heads off to complete his A level year of studies.

Griot has accepted to set next week's run from Sitapaila School. Go past Griot's house, about 2 km from the ring road. If you ran the hash two decades ago, you will have no trouble finding the site.

Thanks to Durga and the Rotter's Roost kitchen for the great snacks.
pan> and the Rotter's Roost kitchen for the great snacks.