Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1429 1 April 2006
Location in the trees below Godavari School Hares Rabi, Loverboy, Sachit, Parched Lips, Diane, Adeline
Hashers 66 Hashit Loverboy
Trash Parched Lips Trashflash Rotter, Towed Under
Remarkables virgins: Shyam Budathoki, Barbara Caleo, Maurizio Geremia, Heman Gurung, Rajshree Jha, Deep Magar, Deepa Pradhan, Prachand Pradhan, Isabelle Providoli, Dipa Rai, Swaraj Rajbhandari, Krishna Shrestha, Nippon Shrestha, Sunila Shrestha returnees: Saraya Garcia, Pru Hobbs, Sheila Lutyens, Alexander Ronaldson, Jessie Ronaldson, Ian Burton visitors: Ida Silva present, drank, but did not pay: Apple, David Ronaldson
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Rabi hands out some welcome Newari dehydration fluid

So there was this on one side of the path pointing back . . .

. . . . and this on the other. So several FRBs assumed an April 1 double bluff and continued down

Don't forget the walkers

Virgins Lot A

Virgins Lot B

A well-deserved hashit for not leaving Paul to spend the night on Shiva Puri.


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Oh right. I did promise to do the trash. Lots of walking, sun exposure and a few beers can make one agree to do things…

So let me tell the story of the real physical challenge of the day. The walk and, that's right, the walk! Not a traditional subject of these pieces but a tale worth telling.

Before you all got there the six hares, a veritable warren of us, loaded up on pancakes, eggs and coffee at Diane's house (thanks Diane!!) and split the paper bits into plastic bags. The boys: Guru, Rabi and Loverboy took off for their mountain and we three: Adeline, Diane and myself [unanimously named Parched Lips at Hash 1428] headed for ours. We had what could loosely be described as a map (more scribbles on a piece of paper) with such directions as "turn right at the big tree". What? It's a forest!!! So, there was much wandering up the wrong trail and retracing of steps and attempts to scuff the paper that had been strewn up these wrong trails. Yeah, it was April Fool's Day, but I saw lawsuits looming for folks lost in the woods so we tried to set a true trail. None of us had ever set the walk before so on the way back there was much angst. Was this too hard? Too long and steep? Should we reset it somewhere else? Could the walkers handle it? We hoped so.  

And then you all showed up and there were small children, football size fluffball dogs, a person with a cane and a woman with 2 and half inch platform shoes. (Surely that's against hash regulations) But it was too late to change anything. About 40 took off for this lengthy jaunt. The trail took the walkers on a road past the "nine taps temple" one of those Hindu and Buddhist mixed religious places and then off the road into the woods and up and up and up. The goal, you see, was a rhododendron forest at the top and a view down a long valley. Somehow I think it's appropriate that you have to climb to see the national flower: you appreciate the lovely red blooms more when you've had to work for it.

But, folks gamely did the hike in good cheer and some even went further up to harvest the rhododendrons where you could reach them. The trip down was steep and there was much balancing and inching down the slippy bits. I watched one particularly clever hasher bum his way down the steep parts. That's right: the walkers got down and dirty.

The group returned carrying their rhododendrons (looking like a Visit Nepal 2006 promotional video) and though there was quite a difference between the slowest and the fastest, all made it back safely (though tired and happy) to the circle for festivities…

Which is more than I can say for the runners. Where was Loverboy? Is it possible that the hare got lost? Didn't he set the trail? Did he fall for one of his own April Fools Trails? A rescue committee was formed to go look for him on a motorcycle (I never did quite get how you find someone on a mountain on a motorcycle but was more thirsty than worried) But, lo, after the circle was over he came in telling of rescuing two people who were lost. He even had two likely candidates with him who were willing to corroborate the story (or did they just want to drink the beer?)  Either way, he got to wear the honorary red thing (aka the 'hash rag') on his head and drink out of his special Hashit cup. I think he may have been feeling relieved to have made it back to us but he also may have been thinking "gosh, this week was so easy for us runners, maybe next week I'll be up for a real challenge and join the walkers".

Note to GM from the shite editor: We'd better include some of the walkers photos or else they might get upset.

: We'd better include some of the walkers photos or else they might get upset.