Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1432 22 April 2006
Location Keeled's Kottage, Dolahity Hares Keeled and Karrotbrain
Hashers 10 Hashit Hurry Krishna
Trash The Fox Trashflash Rotter, Socksucker
Remarkables the entire pack of Realhashers: Norbert Desouza, Keeled Over, Karrotbrain, Rotter, Rotter's Other, Socksucker, Pinchi Rai, The Fox, Kruel, Victim those who did not pay: everybody!
The Pictures The Trash


The Driver (who had lunch at Godavari Resort Hotel before motoring on to the Hash)

Cycling Ponchos

At 10am Pinchi and Durga had decided not to come, but changed their minds at 12:30, deciding that the security forces' shoot-on-sight curfew would surely not apply to Hashers

Hurry K demonstrates the right way to hold the Hashit


The Valley Security Forces, busy in the centre of the city, did not notice the clandestine gathering around 3:00 P.M. at Upper Nakhipot. Victim almost sacrificed his private, uninsured, vehicle to the same forces, but drove to the run. Hurry Krishna had the courtesy to phone in when he thought he had found paper in Bhaisi Patti. It was old paper, but he had a good, private run, and showed up for the free beer. Kent ran to the starting point, while the Rotter’s Roost gang hiked in with the beer on their backs.

Hus took the walkers and three mutts on a short hike into a rain storm, while the five runners, Keeled, Rotter, Kent, Norbert and Fox, headed east across the Chapagaon road to check 1 overlooking GEMS school. Down, up, and around, brought the pack to holding check 2 on the knife edge overlooking the same school. Paper dropped towards Dhapakhel to check 3, and then up the valley a while to check 4 Again we continued north in the valley to check 5, before climbing west, and looped north along the plateau. Again we dropped down and then up through a ravine to holding check 6 at the Bal Kumari Temple. Again, we headed west to the Chapagaon road, and north a little on the road before skirting the south-west corner of Sunakoti, where many skirts had been lifted to mine the trail. The atmosphere soon improved and we dropped west of the village to the irrigation ditch at the double pipe bridge and check 7. The home run followed the ditch downstream, before making a loop down and then straight up to the little temple near Keeled Kottage and home. The 1:00:09.0 run was a perfect length. The cool air and peaceful surroundings, along with interesting trail, gave us a great run.

The GM awarded the run an impossible score. He awarded Victim for his stupidity in driving to the run, but did so gently, hoping for a ride most of the way home. Hurry Krishna got his deserts for not joining the group. Kent was the only Crasher. Norbert and Fox, the only sensible bikers today, got an extra free beer.

Hurry stepped forward again to receive the Hashit. Having only a night- browsing Internet connection he had set out for Rotter's Redoubt unaware that the OnSite had been changed to the Kottage (at 9:45 am). While on his way from Kirtipur he was also unaware that another curfew had been declared. So it was, like last week, a mad panic rush to get from the wrong to the right OnSite. But this time he was far too late, although he did make it in time for the beer.

Rani and her kitchen crew produced great snacks, but would not come for their reward.

Note that as long as the curfews continue, or anything worse comes about, there will be a Saturday Mixed Hash, as the HHHH jogs for democracy, freedom, and peace.

Mixed Hash, as the HHHH jogs for democracy, freedom, and peace.