Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1435 13 April 2006
Location Ghumaune, on the Nagarkot Road Hares Yogi Hare, Shiva, Yubin
Hashers 42 Hashit Rotter
Trash Keeled Over Trashflash Rotter, Towed Under
Remarkables virgins: Anil Shrestha, Avani Dixit sat in the car while others Hashed through the rain: Sachit, Durga BBC weather forecast: spot on
The Pictures The Trash

Poor man's umbrella

Hares Yogi, Shiva, and Yubin

Virgins obscured by Towed Under's sweat - I am not allowed to reveal where she kept the camera between shots

Rabi, "this is not the time for leeches"

They hadn't noticed that the rain had stopped

Old Shea with New Shoes

Steroid's new arrival. Was it grand- or great grand-?

Even the beer caught a cold today

Hashit for Him

At 14.58 hrs massive dark clouds coming in from the west began to dump their precipitation on top of the assembled two-score hashers. The GM retreated into his Landrover after taking the money muttering, “I’m not going out in that!” It was really persisting it down.

After 20 minutes of passing the time in a stinking shed, the hard core decided that run we must. It was still raining pretty heavily but had eased off a little.Diane said she wanted to go for a jog and soon Keeled, Rabi and Peter led the mutiny against the GM’s plan B to drive up to Nagarkot for a cup of coffee. This sacriligous suggestion went the way of most of the GM’s edicts and was completely ignored as in dribs and drabs the pack followed Yogi Hare across the road and off down the other side along some torrential muddy footpaths.

What followed next was pretty unpredictable as Yogi’s Plan C to go for a wee jog through the khet soon turned into Plan D to follow paper. Hurry, who had hurried in just in time for the start, was the first to find paper once we started following it. Of all the places to go in a torrential downpour the paper now zig-zagged along the bed of the Mahadev Khola crossing over to one side and then to the other for the next 15 minutes or so. I guess it was not such a dumb place to be with lightening and thunder exploding all around.

Eventually the paper emerged out of the riverbed just as the walkers were passing above. The trail now headed uphill towards Bageshwari Forest through the environs of Banpadheri village with at least one holding check along the way. We learnt from Yogi that from here the paper had been set to lead all the way out to Nagarkot! But wisdom overcame valour and the unclement conditions led Yogi to adjust the route to cut out the one hour loop up to Nagarkot resort.

The rain was now petering out as we contoured along to the south to fantastic views over a sodden, steaming and glistening Kathmandu Valley. From here we followed paper down and along the khet over an old footbridge and then cut back across to the chariots.

Everybody agreed that it had been a good outing in the rain. Yogi was a bit disappointed that his cunning route planning had not been able to exact its toll. Yogi and his assistants Shiva and Yubin were rewarded with a down-down and a score of 9.9. We then welcomed Virgins Anil and Avani and dished out down-downs to:

Guru for hiding from the rain and wimping out of the run;

Rabi for saying that it was too early for leaches;

Peter and someone else for getting bitten by leeches;

BigJim for not bringing the Sam Adams;

Diane, BigJim and two other lasses for still having their brollies up when it had stopped raining;

the hens for having a hen party;

Steroid for becoming a grandfather;

Griot for being a waster; and
the bricklayer and his assistant for coming on the hash.

Then, with some reluctance, Itchy’s new footwear were christened in the customary manner. This led to Steroid getting a shoe-related down-down as the Dacca hashes' new calendar (that he had distributed at Towed's leaving do) shows them drinking new shoe down-downs out of bottles set in their shoes!

The hashit went unanimously to the GM for trying to cancel the run when there hadn’t been a Royal Massacre.

Mrs Rotter did us proud with the catering and the macaroni bowtie salad was much appreciated by the wet and cold hashers. Thanks also to whoever brought the delicious cake and biscuits.

Oh yes; and where was Kruel this week? Maybe he had underestimated the distance and collapsed in a heap along the half-marathon long jog from his house to the start of the hash. Did anyone see him lying by the road?

along the half-marathon long jog from his house to the start of the hash. Did anyone see him lying by the road?