Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1436 20 May 2006
Location Godavari Pines and on thereafter to the Resort Hotel Hares Itchy Balls, Yogi Hare, Shiva, Apple, Tibet Gal, Sanjiv
Hashers 85 Hashit Giselle
Trash Kruel Trashflash Towed Under
Remarkables virgins: Kajori Aikat, Annette Ericson, Jacob Ericson, Signe Ericson, Anando Ghosh, Keseng Lama, Suresh Lama, Alec Marsh, Cameron Marsh, Sunil Pandey,Nabin Rijal, Sitara Webster newcomers: Alfred Mendoza, Laurissa Mettler returnees: Giselle, Gregoire, Dominique, Natasha, Rose, Ismail, Reeda, Lauren, Reg, Suman, James, Jessica visitors: aa leavers: Roger (for one week only!)
The Pictures The Trash

A temporary headline photo I hope. Yubin has pictures of Raksi Check 4, and Itchy Balls has at least one of the Hashit. GM.


Virgins 1

Virgins 2

Paul get the Dogshit


We all love her

Tiget Gal uses Aki as a runner for her downer. Aki missed.

Strange names, strange people


Hashit photo to come . . .


Itchy’s Bering Strait - Himalayan Hash

Quote of the day:  “I’m sorry I forgot the Sam Adams to Hash 1435.  To make it up to ya’ll, I’ll bring three cases to Hash 1437.”  BigJim   

For months now we’d been hearing Itchy muttering about the grand hash and bash he intended to set—“We gotta do it right.  We gotta have a big party!”  But his party was outflanked by parties of the political sort.  It’s a strange world we live in—where politics take precedence over a Hash Bash.

But finally, on May 20th, 2006, with democracy firmly established, the Himalayan Hashers were treated to “Itchy’s Bering Strait - Himalayan Hash 1436.”  A huge crowd of hashers showed up at the Godavari Pines On-In site.  After a whole warren of hares appeared in the middle of the circle and explained what was to come, we all set off down steep, rain-slicked mud trails until we reached the Kodku Khola.  When hope for a footbridge was dashed, the shilly-shallying Hash-pack bucked-up, bit the bullet and sloshed across the swollen creek.  The paper continued northwest over hill and muddy dale excavated for clay by local brick kilns.  Numerous deposits on and along the side of the trail revealed that the workers have been doing their best to replenish the depleted landmass by dumping soil of their own making.   

Checks were few (only nine) but far between.  Holding check four was atop a pine-clad ridge where walkers and runners converged and were offered shots of raksi and silver tequila.  Water was also available.  I admit, that after this point, I’m not at all sure where the trail led.  I vaguely recall running up and slipping down hillocks, sloshing through streams and stomping atop the bean and corn crops of several farmers to whom my sympathy goes out.  Shiva was often out in front, Keeled-Over’s torn calf began to act up and the GM got lost looking for his Muzzy.  But amazingly, all runners converged at holding check 6, (or was it 7?).  Even The Fox, who usually opts for an alternate route, was still with us.

Paper kept leading out and away from the On-In site.  I earnestly expected to soon find myself at the advertised Bering Strait, when suddenly we were at the home arrow with the Godawari Resort in sight.   And though we didn’t get to Alaska, I did see a number of fangy dogs bearing straight down on me.  It was a good, long 9.9 set by the venerable Yogi Hare

During circle proceedings, the GM doled out a couple of Hash names:  To Shiva: “State of Incapacitation”; “Incapacitated” or “Inky” for short.  To Ester: “Blanc.”  There were so many virgins they got down-downs in two shifts. 

Then Tibetgal got a down-down for being geographically challenged for having the Bering Straits somewhere north of Iceland on the bash flyer. BigJim and Griot were also down-downed for Amercian aid for vibrating condoms with rings.

The Hashit went to Giselle for leaving Itchy the women’s Hash rights activist, for three months.  

Then we all headed over to the resort where Itchy treated us to a lavish party that didn’t let us down even after two-months of anticipation and hype.  Drinks and dishes of every kind were available.  The youngsters enjoyed swimming and after dinner, the old youngsters enjoyed dancing.  Itchy got a most deserved down-down halfway through the evening for going all out in creating an exceptional and memorable Hash event.  Thanks to you, Itchy and your little helpers Tibetgal, Sanjive and Ashok.

sis">Tibetgal, Sanjive and Ashok.