Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1439 10 June 2006
Location Rotters Redoubt, Patan Dobhighat Hares Rotter
Hashers 48 Hashit Amy
Trash The Fox Trashflash Rotter
Remarkables virgins: Kartika Buchar, Sanjib Buchar, Monette Pacia, Bhusan Rajbhandari, Duncan Senerclence, Miffele Senerclence newcomers: aa returnees: Eanieo Edward, Ashleigh Howe, Fraser Howe, Sani Karami, Issac Naylor, David Pakes, Amy Paro, Jessie Ronaldson, Anil Shrestha, Peggy Wheller
The Pictures The Trash

The Fox at his own holding check 8 - on the opposite side of Chobar Gorge to the three circles

The GM being picked on totally unfairly yet again. The shoes were not new and the performance had to be repeated for the photo

Mizz Ass GM gives Pakesy a returnees down-down. Following the recent surgical alterations to his head he got the name Facelift

Real men

Durga takes aim



Out of respect for religiously minded neighbours, a local church, and Hindu shrine; and out of fear of being thrown out of the neighbourhood, the Grand Master allowed a stand-in Mistress to run the show. A smart move.

Once the crowd had packed into the mutt infested garden, Rotter gave subdued instructions, and off we went into the Great Grand Master (Herman) blessed territory. After a quick trot through Bagdol, the front runners wandered around the settling ponds, through a couple of checks, and then on to the suspension bridge. Walkers and smarter runners just went to the bridge. The pack headed south towards Chobar, and abandoned paper as the runners headed west up the road to Panga. Paper seems to have continued up the Dakshin Kali road. Some searchers wandered up through the pine forest, but most ended up at a holding check on the road above the Chobar bridge.

The smartest hasher, now well on his way towards Panga, looped counter clockwise around the Chobar hill, and down to the bridge. There was paper to lead him into Lalitpur District, and steeply uphill to an excellent view of the pack milling around at the holding check. The same runner lead the pack towards Nakhu, with Hurry Krishna and Dianne, who had skipped the climb after the bridge, following. The same runner chose a better way home that the hare had, but was among the first back.

The rest got to run through a pack of dancing girls, crossed the bridge, found their way to Nakhu, wandered through Bagdol, and eventually found Rotter’s Roost.

Our Hash Mistress ran an excellent circle, with the usual accolades for the hare who used the familiar territory well, and greetings to virgins, newcomers and returnees.

The main resolution in the circle, was a demand for an immediate proper landscaping of the garden: remove all trees, plants, lawn and mud, replacing these with gravel. Install a ladder to the hanging garden where the GM can hold court.

The main advantage of being at The Roost, was the super food Durga and team prepared. Thanks for that!

ost, was the super food Durga and team prepared. Thanks for that!