Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1443 8 July 2006
Location West of Lubhu by abandoned brick works Hares Keeled Over and Rani
Hashers 41 Hashit Anil Sharma
Trash The Hairdresser (Avani) Trashflash Barbie Girl
Remarkables virgins: Britta Madsen, Shaun Kirven returnees: Margret and Lieve visitors: Tara and Misty O'Day leaver: Itchy Balls
The Pictures The Trash

Above: A more scenic view than last week's photo of the GM's arse!

A well deserved 9.9

Every last drop!

Back to his love nest soon

Griot and his bloody ankle

The gray haired stooges

No, you do it this way

A tee-total hashit

This hash run was set North of Lubhu. The hares informed the gathered two score hashers that “The run’s a mix of fun, pain, and pretty much everything.” And it was. I think it was a very good run, except when we had to run through muddy paddy fields.

At the first checking Slippery Pipe found the correct trail which apparently many people didn’t think he would. But that was pretty much the highlight of his run because shortly after he pulled his hamstring and let his dog pull him back to the on-in. Checking from Check 2, the pack went along a false trail and after finding the X were about to backtrack until Chris yelled “on-on” from down by the Dhamilo Khola across the paddy fields. Going down through the paddy fields (not part of the run plan) was tricky because of muddy conditions and very small spaces to put our feet. Barbie Girl got her foot stuck in the paddy field, and that was the reason why we had to wait about 10 minutes at the brickworks holding point for her.

Hearing “Check it out”, Shrivelled soon got the right trail, and we were on our way again. At one point, Kruel and Hurry went straight on one way, while the rest, headed by Shrivelled, went up a hill. Half way up we saw the walkers at a bus stop. Continuing on, we climbed a hill which was the highlight of the run. It was a good climb; we went through a small patch of wood and corn fields.

Near the second holding, there was a false trail which made a loop. Some of the leaders followed the false trail, circled around twice, and were really confused! After sometime they back-tracked, while Kruel, as always, went alone down somewhere looking for the trail and was not to be seen at the second holding.

The second holding point was quite interesting. It is one of temples of Kirateshwor Mahadev (Shiva god of Kirat people - Rais and Limbus) in the Kathmandu Valley. The other two temples are at Pashupatinath and at Hatti Ban on the way to Godavari. (The Kiratis were the first rulers of the Kathmandu Valley.)

After a nice chat with some local Kirat people, we headed out following the trail led by Shrivelled. It was nice down hill, although slippery at first. Keeled Over was turning back runners who were going the wrong way at some checkings. The trail was pretty much flat thereafter, and we were on our way to the finish over the Lubhu Khola. The runners had to wait about 20 minutes for the walkers since Kneeled Over [ed: get it right!!] had told his Mrs, Rani to give the walkers a hard time.

In the absence of the Grand Master, the Grand Mistress (aka Parched Lips or the Gee Mizz) tried to follow his usual footsteps by bringing out the virgins, crashers, leechers, leavers, returnees, etc, for down-downs. As usual the hares were given a 9.9 for the run. It was quite surprising to twice see a German girl not finish her beer in the down-downs.

While singing the down-down song, The Fox, the Uncouple, and Roger were rushing with the “why are we waiting” part; so the Grand Mistress brought them in the middle for a drink. Later on they sang the down-down song as if they were singing a lullaby to lull a kid to sleep. Anil got the hashit for his many girlfriends constantly interrupting the circle by phoning him on his handset.

Since the Grand Master was not here to lengthen the circle drinking process, social drinking soon followed. Thanks to the mystery supplier of carrot cake. Much appreciated.

nking soon followed. Thanks to the mystery supplier of carrot cake. Much appreciated.