Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1451 2 September 2006

open space in front of Weatherall's Wigwam, Bhaisepatti

Hares Roger and Keeled
Hashers 59 Hashit Hairstyle
Trash Keeled Trashflash Rotter, Ingrid
Remarkables virgins: Emmanuel, Anish, Arhant, Anjeli, Prajul, Nagano, Nina, Jenny, Phillip newcomers: Mera returnees: Itchy Balls, Shobha, Lao Lover and his Lover, Monette, Namraj, Sharon, Esther, Johannes leavers: Griot
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Returnees. GM grabs the opportunity to relieve Itchy of his bottle of Sam Adams

Having been scalped at basketball by the Greeks the Yanks decide to take on Nepal. NO CHANCE!

A raid on Roger's drinks cabinet proved even more fruitful than Grumblewald's fridge . . .

. . . although dispensing it was sometimes problematic. I'd like to report that this was the longest down-down in HHHH history, but the GeeMizz fell over at about half empty

The Avanigrip

The pre-run briefing warned of natural hazards on the trail in the shape of wild bees, irate locals, and several river crossings. There was also the threat of a manmade disaster as the walking hare Roger and running hare Keeled had laid their intersecting trails using the same kind of paper!

In the end only the foaming waters of the Nakhu Khola exacted their toll, not as expected from anybody being swept way, but from Tina drinking water offered to her by a local Jyapu lady, who said that it had never done her any harm! Tina suffered a serious bout of the Nakhu Khola trots the next day. It was the scorching hot sun that dehydrated many of the pack.

The runner's paper led off around the back and straight to check 2 on the main Bhaisepatti road by a pipal tree. Rotter picked up the paper heading inevitably Nakhu Kholawards down a narrow passageway and through the khet to the banks of the in-torrent river below Nayatole. Squizza found the paper upstream from the check leading into the foaming sediment-laden waters. The first waist-high crossing safely negotiated, another crossing back-over soon followed, and then yet another as the pack became sodden and bedraggled, but generally in good humour and nobody got swept away. The only casualty was Griot who got covered in shiggy after diving into a muddy field. He thanked the hare for his considerate paper-laying that gave him the chance to take a bath and clean up on the run.

The trail then led through the flowering head high grasses of the Nakhu floodplain and up onto the khet. To Squizza's chagrin there now followed a long no-overtaking follow-my-leader section on narrow trails to the second holding check below Sunakothi. Rotter checked up the wrong way whilst Squizza picked the right way - a back check along the Tuesday run route back down towards the Nakhu through a gully and over a girder bridge. The resident wild bees let the pack pass without any ill-effects.

The pack then made its final river crossing of the day and slogged up to the last holding check on the prominence above Keeling Acres at Chunikhel. Yogi found the paper heading south and over the main road and down and through Bungamati via the something Binayak temple and on back to Weatherall's Wigwam via the irrigation ditch.

The walkers also had a good outing.

I can't remember much of what went on the circle as the Gee Ms was supposed to write this a week ago and so I have been lumbered with it after she was disciplined in the circle at yesterday's Nagarkot hash and swapped me this writeup for the promise of writing the Nagarkot trash.

I do remember that Sam Adams finally put in an appearance as BigJim brought along a coolbox full of the much-appreciated New England brew. BJ got a down-down for this and for playing basketball during office hours (along with Yogi) and for the American basketball team losing to Greece in the World Cup.

The Hashit went to HairStyle for talking out of turn. On-on.

went to HairStyle for talking out of turn. On-on.