Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1452 10 September 2006
Location Hotel Country Villa, Nagarkot Hares Gopal, Anil, Nabin and Damodar
Hashers 28 Hashit BigJim
Trash Gee Ms Trashflash Keeled
Remarkables virgins: Nina Tuladhar, Abhisek Agrawal, Amulya Khanal, Prakshya Limbu, newcomers: Ric Yoder returnees: Nabin, Miki and Kazumori
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Above: hashing in style!

The hashers were overcome by the stunning Himalayan views

and "The Best Restaurant in Nagarkot"

Shrestha, Shrestha, Shrestha and Bhandari inc.

Their first time

He's done it before

They fell over doing it

He played basketball in office hours

Post-hash festivities..

and a bit later

I think that most folks woke up on Saturday morning, saw the absolute buckets of rain coming down and thought ‘hmm, the hash is up in Nagarkot today…going to be steep, slippery hills, lots of leeches, views of fog and far away’ and bailed. Silly folks. This was a special ‘overnight’ weekend planned by Hairstyle and Keeled to celebrate reaching another 50 runs (OK, 52, but who's counting) and a hash to remember.

Virgin hares Anil and Gopal set a lovely hash that started at our hotel and went around the hills of Nagarkot.  A few false trails kept Yogi busy, but for the most part the paths were wide enough to place a whole foot on (which is more than I can say for last week in the Nakhu Khola rice paddies).  This was a good thing as it was slippery and there was much grabbing of trees and flora to keep from slipping down the hill. One of the visitors from another hash was heard to grumble, ‘well it wasn’t like this in Kenya or Jordan’. Hee-hee.

After about an hour and twenty, the hares teased us by having the trail run right near the hotel.  Some tried to follow their internal honing beacons towards the beer but lost paper.  As they were in sight (and shout) of the rest of us, they had to turn round for another trip up and down the slidey slopes before getting their hands on the foamy suds.  The hares also did well to have it not rain during the run and to magically lift the fog for about 30 minutes right in the middle. Running along in the thick fog it was encouraging to hear the ‘on-on’ of others, but so much nicer when you could actually see the person 10 feet in front of you and the beautiful hillside we were running on.

Boy, was it a quality circle.  Waiters with silver trays of fries, fried cheesy things and momos circulated among the ranks.  Some of our younger hashers went on horse rides and the Victim left his dogs at home. No Sam Adams this time, but I suppose we can’t have it all.

The ethnic breakdown of the hashstats for Hash 1452 marks the momentous first ever time that the Himalayan hash has had Nepalis in the majority. In all there were 19 Nepalis, 7 bideshis, and 2 half and halfs (Lion Style and Mustard Fart). When this fact was raised in the circle, somehow Yogi got involved in the decision making and declared that the three women on the hash for the day should do a down-down for it!?  Nice lateral thinking on his part.  Perhaps he’ll inspire the Singapore Hash with such things when he goes there.  In this down-downs, Mrs. Rotter did a perfect fake of drinking a beer, replete with gesturing the leftover drops (of the empty cup) over her head.  Outstanding.

Returnee Nabin lodged the excuse that he had been busy becoming a father since he last attended.

Miki and Kazumori toasted the birth of the future Emperor of Japan.

Yogi demonstrated a yoga maneuver that closely resembled breakdancing and had a down-down in preparation for his imminent move to Singapore.  We need a few of the fleet of foot to take his role of running up and down the false trails so the rest of us can save our energy…Doggy Style?

Big Jim was awarded a down-down for being in the newspapers playing basketball (again) though there were compliants that he should be awarded for dribbling left in the pic.  He also received the Hashit for making slanderous remarks (‘it’s a stupid song’) about our glorious hash song.

The evening’s entertainment was two videos of hashes from 1985– all men.  There were oohs and ahhs (OK, and a few chuckles) at shots of Grumblewald (with stronger knees), Don (same haircut) and the Fox (same glasses and haircut!).  Fantastic to see Kathmandu before the housing boom of the last 20 years – wide open spaces with paddy fields which are now all built on. The fashion statements of the mid-1980s were also a beauty – striped socks pulled up to the knees, tight t-shirts with political statements on them and short tight-fitting shorts.  And they were very into their trumpet (hash horn) that they blew on the run as well as the toilet seat for the hashit. The more things change…

Dinner and singing (yes, something besides the hash song) till our new dad declared that it was time to go to bed.  Many thanks to Gopal and friends for providing the beer for the festivities and to Mrs Rotter and the Hotel Country Villa for the snacks.