Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1454 23 September 2006
Location Chobar Quarry Hares Shrivelled, Barbie Girl
Hashers 54 Hashit Orlando
Trash Hairdresser Trashflash Rotter, Barbie Girl
Remarkables virgins: Antoine and Florence Cardon, Catalina and Orlando Carrion, Bijay Maharjan, Tirtha Maharjan, Srijana Nakerme, Tine Niemann, Kiran Pal, Reejun Pradhan, Susan Pradhan, Monireh Shishvan, Raju Shrestha, Martha Sierra, Nitesh Sthapit returnees: Luc Andria, Serena Brocklebank, Paul Kastmann, Jason Katz, Prem Kharel, Lim Khe, Jannie Kwok, Pema Lama, Chris O'Sullivan, Isabelle Providoli, Tony Randall, Siobhan Smith, Peggy Wheller leavers: Hairdresser
The Pictures The Trash

Above: Team B race away unsatiated from the Beer Check in the temple below Chobar bridge


Virgins 1. You will notice that Orlando has jumped the gun and started drinking from one of the two glasses required to keep his hands away from his pocket

Virgins 2

Virgins 3, with mum on the right

The GM's camera battery then ran out leaving Martha to photograph the rest of the ceremony on hers. Coming to the Shite soon.

Well,here's one anyway . . .

Hairdresser says 'bye for now

Perfect day and perfect hash

Those who had been to Shrivelled’s last hash were getting ready for another beer drinking fest; but to clear up his naughty image of the last hash, he set up a amazing hash. “This is unlike any hash you have done before”; amazingly it worked out marvelously.

The runners were separated into two groups; Team A captained by The Uncouple and Team B commanded (from the back - GM) by Big Jim. We headed out in opposite directions. Team A soon got the scent of trail, and were led Luc. We went down the streets of Chobar village, keeping cement factory on our right. There were numerous checking, probably the most of any hashes, and couple of false trails. Running along Bagmati’s banks, we reached the Chobar gorge for a Beer Hold, halfway round. After gulping couple of glasses of beer, waiting 15 minutes, and still with no sign of Team B, Team A started the second half of the trail. Tired and confused-looking Team B finally staggered in but could not convince the Hare to give them any beer.

The second half of the trail took us up and around the small village of Chobar hill. Since it was the first day of Dashain, we could already see some drunk villagers around. Some members of Team A even took one drunk guy’s advice, and went down a wrong trail. The Uncouple guided us to the right trail through beautiful paddy fields. Up until now, the trail paper had been expertly set up. But in the paddy fields, the Hare must have been lost himself while setting up the trail and Team A got completely lost for 15 minutes. Finding the way back we went near the village and to the most beautiful part of the run: a stunning stone cutting place with pond in the middle. This was the climax of the run, since soon afterwards we found ourselves back in the On-In (arriving well after Team B, proving that the Beer Hold was nowhere near halfway round - GM).

In the circle, the pissed GM (for not getting beer at the Holding) tried to rate the run a 5, but the other team gave the run 5.5; and with total of 10.5, this hash was deservingly the highest point earning hash I have been to (actually, I think that anyone has been to on the HHHH - GM). The GM bullied the virgins, the late comers, leavers, returnees. Quite notable hasher was a gentleman from Colombia, who did completely opposite of what the GM was telling him to do: wanking in the circle, changing hands for wanking, drinking beer before the song, and not drinking beer at the end of the song (almost made me look sane by comparison - GM) . He deservedly got the HashShit. For next time, we either hope the gentleman behaves or the GM learns some Spanish piss words.

One notable absentee was Keeled Over, who was suffering in Patan Hospital from bad toe on his right foot, courtesy of Yogi Hare’s last hash which made us cross the Bagmati twice.

Other notables included:

America and Iran for compromising and shaking hands
A virgin girl with her virgin mother
Itchy Balls for not being in the circle more than once (the GM must be running out of excuses for getting Itchy Balls in the circle). (Not surprising - he was spectacularly out-wanked by the Hashit this week - GM)

The GM being more boring and insufferable than usual, the circle quickly came to an end. Thanks to the RA for arranging a break in the continuous rain of the last few days, and to Durga for the tuna dip, etc.

And a final note from the Scribe: this was my last H4 hash for at least 18 months. Wish you happy times in Nepal and hope to see you all soon. On On! (Avani is off to the UK to take a course in Advanced Hairnet Management. He is looking forward to hashing in London, where he will find that social drinking starts well before the run. Not surprising when the best beer in the world is on offer. We wish him lots of it - GM)

surprising when the best beer in the world is on offer. We wish him lots of it - GM)