Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1455 30 September 2006
Location Pyataar, N of Bouddha Hares Lao Lover and Lover
Hashers 30 Hashit Rotter
Trash Rotter Trashflash Kazumori, Rotter
Remarkables virgins: Mary Lou Mettler, Jems Rai returnees: Giselle, Laurissa visitors: Hiroshi 'Moose' Masunaga, Grit 'Crazy German' Buurmand
The Pictures The Trash

Hares (forgot to take the real shot with both of them consuming - GM)

Crazy German Fiji Barfly

Mary Lou and Mrs Al

Visitor Moose and his 'ette - Aki! Aki! Aki!

Could the Hash fee really be less than the cost of Dashain tinpani rakshi?

Style under Substance

The Dashain festival being in full swing there was an expectation of very few participants this week. Nonetheless the event slowly brought itself together with about twenty-seven persons of mixed sex, religion, parentage, etc. ready for the off. But just before two o'clock the GM received a frantic call from someone, describing himself as 'Crazy German', who had lost his way. Not surprising as he had set off from Fiji and was on his way to the OnSite straight from the airport. He was unable to say where he was, and his taxi driver seemed also to be in unknown territory. Passing the phone to Anil helped to sort things out. He established that Crazy was at Kapan Monastery (which meant, we later discovered, that he was ON PAPER!), and gave directions sufficient to get the taxi to the OnSite in a few minutes. Despite the best protestations of the pack's Nepali contingent the driver made a killing on the fare.

The hares announced a large number of checks and the usual Lao marking technique of one ring checks, three ring holds, and two blobs to get to the X's on the false trails. Lao confessed that he had actually put paper to ground the previous day - and it had rained since.

The first check, as usual, was to the east but had a different way out than usual, which confused at least the GM. The first holding check was, as usual, by the big old tree on the hill N of the OnSite. The next holding check was at the usual big tree on the saddle behind Kapan, which I think was first reached by Anil and Damodar. Or Shiva. And then on to a surprisingly untrodden path leading down steeply to a check beside the river from which it took a long time for the pack to locate paper. The reason for this eventually became clear as the trail was picked up directly along the river. That rain I mentioned. Off the pack paddled. Except Rotter who reaped a rare benefit from checking in totally the wrong direction in that he was far enough behind to see a short-cut which kept his feet on dry land.

The pack then gathered at a holding check somewhat above the famous six ring check on Run 1260. See the main photo above, in which the rooftops of Kapan Monastery are visible, with the walkers just to the right at the top of the grassy cone. After a short wait for Moose, paper was found leading further down into the steep-sided river valley and a check on a bluff above the river. Rotter headed straight up the very steep south bank while most of the rest of the pack continued down the canyon and found paper. Rotter, extremely reluctant to lose any of his hard-won altitude, started a fairly horizontal traverse across ridges and valleys within hearing of the pack below. This move was totally vindicated when he emerged just ahead of The Uncouple, Damodar, Shiva, and Crazy German on a track leading to the usual check at Kapan Monastery gate.

Onward paper was found going down east, and everyone proceeded briskly, knowing that the line to the beer was fairly straight. All except for Rotter, who went down west. But as we all know the GM is quick on the uptake; he soon realised he was going to be alone and unimbibed if drastic action was not taken. A long horizontal slog along the road below the monastery got him back on paper for the usual on-in trail across the usual rice fields and through the usual front yard.

The circle gathered quickly and the hares got a well-deserved, and indeed usual, 9.9 for a radical variation of their usual run which produced an hour and a half of sometimes tough going.

Other awards included:

virgin Mary Lou, aka Al's mother-in-law
Moose, father of Moosette, 70 years old and still with all wheels on his wagon
that Crazy German visitor
the GM in acceptance of the bottle of Virgin whisky presented to him by Damodar
Anil, Prem, Shiva, Damodar, and Mukunda for breaking off their Dashain pujas, feasts, and drinking bouts for the sake of the Hash
returnee Giselle - funny how Itchy's itch had gone this week
hash crashers Kate and Griot
latecomer Mukunda
Al for something, probably related to mothers-in-law
Yoshi for 'farewell Junichiro, and welcome Abe, my new boss'

This was yet another day when no one was up to making accusations of Hashit deeds, so naturally Griot elected the GM despite his usual exemplary behaviour and careful event management.

Thanks to Giselle for the magic vanishing cake, and to Durga for the usual tuna dip, carrots, cucumber, and crisps.

The Crazy German stowed his bag in the GM's LandRover and was carried to the Kathmandu Guest House begging for HHHH t-shirts which the GM promised to get for him. He fulfilled this on Tuesday evening, but Crazy had checked out on Sunday. If you're reading this Crazy, where the hell are you now? (I know the odds are on 'lost in a taxi') And I've got a sweaty black rag which you wore round the run. GM