Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1456 7 October 2006
Above: Runners gather at Holding Check 9 in the middle of Tribhuvan University
Above: walkers boarding the Hash Space Shuttle
Location Rotters Redoubt, Patan Dhobhighat Hares Rotter, Mustard Fart
Hashers 54 Hashit Jemima (perhaps)
Trash Shrivelled Trashflash Rotter, Barbie Girl
Remarkables virgins: Anthony Cardon, Martin Falle, Tanya Gilliver, Jake Jacoby, Martha Jacoby, Maha Mohamed, Dandesh Pakhihren, Richard Rutter newcomers: Richard Bell, Brian Berry returnees: Jenny Anderson, Billie Bierling, James Giambrone, Aiden Goldsmith, Jemima Gordon-Duff, Gnasher, Linda Kentro, Abuharthiet Mohamed, The Fox, Dave Stum, Sheila Stum, Yeagermeister visitors: Eugene Cardon, Theodora Cardon, Rob Casserley, Bob Kitchen
The Pictures The Trash

The TU cricket pitch wall


Virgins Mr and Mrs GMiss

More Virgins

Newcomers Brian and Rob

Returnees Abuharthiet, Yeagermeister, James and Linda

Virgin Richard and his new shoes . . . . new to him, but well worn by Barbie Girl

The Hashit to Tina for particularly heinous behaviour quite unbecoming of the HHHH

Hash 1456 or was it Hash 1457????? Confusion was the word of the day and it all began from the very first word. After calling us all to attention the GM and GMiss revealed their complete incompetence whilst at the helm as they were unable to determine which Hash number we were about to run. Had they been diving into the cold boxes before we arrived???

After the normal ranting and raving the pack headed out the back gate of the Rotter household and turned right, then right again, then left, then right.....only the newcomers and virgins were impressed by this truly filthy Nepali Urban experience. Everyone else was wondering why they were running through the streets of Lalitpur when there are perfectly good hills only a few Km's to the south.

We stuck with it though and eventually hit the ring road. The traffic was about the only thing that slowed the front runners as the paper was soon found on the other side of the fume filled road. More lefts and rights through the crap filled laneways before the runners were presented with one of Nepal's finest landmarks - the Bagmati. Common sense led the smart runners south but the cunning hare had other plans. He wanted everyone to enjoy the fumes once more and so the bulk of the pack followed the paper north and then west across the bridge at Balkhu. With a lung full of fumes the hare then presented one of the steeper hills in town to clean out the system. The only respite offered was a holding check at the top of the hill. The majority waited for some time as those with "common sense" (Shrivelled and Shiva) who had run south along the Bagmati retraced their steps.

"Check it out" was called and the enthusiastic ones went out on a search. I have no idea what the trail was like between here and the next holding as I chose to do my own thing in search of paper that could not be found. I battled hills, more fumes, paddy fields, tigers and blondes but eventually rejoined the pack after they apparently had some tedious paddy field running followed by an open stretch through the Tribuvan University. After Barbie Girl and Apple were accounted for, the pack again dispersed in search of the trail. Placed in the most obvious of places, it was not long before it was found. Through a somewhat pleasant (savour this, albeit qualified, positive adjective. There aren't many others in this trash. I don't know why Shrivelled bothers to come. GM) of garden and past a cricket field, the runners soon found themselves walking along the top of a 3 foot wall. With arms out to the left and right to help with balance we all looked like airplanes - something the GM had promised we would see. (The airplane was on top of a house near the start of the run. GM) The paper then hit some more paddy fields but dried up pretty quickly. Newcomer, Richard Rutter (Cross Dresser) stumbled upon paper by mistake and took the lead. He had a smile from ear to ear and must have had a huge adrenaline rush as the pack struggled to keep up with him.

It wasn't long though before we all headed in the direction for home. The virgins didn't have a clue but it was pretty obvious which way we had to take from here. Across the only bridge within reason and back into the urban mess. The hare had laid a good amount of paper to counteract the local rubbish that adorns this place he calls home. It still wasn't enough though for Virgin runner, Rob Casserly (fresh from climbing Cho Oyo), who asked a local guy for directions. Only seconds after he had disappeared around a corner another group found the same man in stitches of laughter as he had managed to fool the blonde haired "Bideshi". We all crammed into the garden of the GM's poorly laid out backyard for quality snacks provided by the GM's MUCH better half and a few cold beers. The GM called everyone to attention once more, we couldn't form circle even if we wanted to. etc etc etc

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