Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1459 28 October 2006
The Pack outside the ICIMOD edifice contemplating the trashing of Tea Cosy's office - she wasn't there of course
On the way home just north of Sunakothi
Location Just below Keeled's Kottage, Dolahity Hares Keeled Over and Rani
Hashers 37, of whom 15 paid for beer Hashit Plonker
Trash Keeled Over Trashflash Rotter, Barbie Girl
Remarkables virgins: BijayAgrawal, Nawara Banstola, Bennet Camerford, Manish Jha, Santosh Luitel, Ananda Shrestha returnees: Judy Hollander, Shabda Shrestha, Sanjiv Singha leavers: Bennet
The Pictures The Trash

Lemme get at them!

As usual, Keeled managed to provide some interesting obstacles

The Hares


Returnees: Rodger insisting on joining them even though he had not slipped off the list

Sandesh: 'Now I know what an X means'

Stiff-kneeed Micks

Display of raw meat

Another demo for the Imam!

Hashit on behalf of the ICIMOD 'travellers'

The paper headed straight towards ICIMOD to check that Tea Cosy and partners had really gone travelling as their excuse to get out of setting this week’s hash. After finally getting the ICIMOD hordes to set a hash, the GM received a sheepish email on Thursday morning saying that they could no longer do it as they were in Jomsom and Pakistan. A pretty lame excuse!

Almost everybody, led by Doggy Style, were fooled by the cunningly laid false trails in the first part of the run and it was eventually Sandesh who found the paper after Check 1. He however then ran straight through a false trail X at Check 2 and was soon after rebuked by Rotter. The proper trail went up and round the back of the ICIMOD Durbar and down to the first holding check directly outside Tea Cosy’s office room! The raucous hashers shouted abuse across the fence and the security guards looked on worriedly as Rotter ranted and raved and angrily shook his fist at that great monolith of high thinking.

From here the paper led round for a photo opportunity to Check 4 at ICIMOD’s main entrance where Rotter was restrained by a guard from scaling the gate. The guard rushed inside and locked the gate! So, having taken its revenge the hash now made its way northwards and off to the right and straight past the obvious turnoff up over a wall into Kumaltar Agricultural Research Station’s rice fields. Backmarker Sanjiv noticed the true path and called the rest of the pack back.

The paper passed through the fields, up through a wood, over a rather challenging wall, and on by a load of tethered buffaloes to Check 5 with wide open views south towards Phulchowki. Niva was the only one to take the easy way round the wall and it was fun watching BigJim and the Gee Ms struggle over.

The next paper materialised down below and headed over the Godavari road with a nice loop through the fields — some very considerate paper laying here to keep the runners off the main road! It was here that Rotter saw an imaginary X false trail mark and headed in completely the wrong direction mistakenly shouting "false trail!" which everyone ignored. He only rejoined the pack at the final holding check.

Sandesh and DS were first up into Hattiban Kirat Temple — the second Kirat Power Place visited by a Keeled hashes after Hash 1443 had gone through the Kirat temple near Lubhu. After a wee rest the pack set off again along the Haatiban ridge and down over a barbed wire fence and on via Checks 7 and 8 to the Dhapakhel road. Another loop followed through the khet west and below Dhapakhel allowing for backmarkers to cut across to keep the pack together. The last holding check, with great views over the Kathmandu Valley, was at a regular Keeled checkpoint up on the plateau. The Gee Ms and Bennet were the last to arrive after puffing up the final incline.

The runners got back in about one and three quarters hours and the walkers, led by Rani came in 10 minutes later after going via ICIMOD and Sunakothi and on down to the Nakhu Khola before returning to the on-in.

This excellent run, much of it passing through rustic rice harvesting scenes amidst some wonderful warm post-Dasain weather, was awarded a measly 9.9.

The GM was on form today and down-downed most of the circle including:

Bennet for being a virgin and for leaving
Itchy Balls for insubordination (and for being obsequious to me - GM)
Paul for being the Token Scandie (he should have also got one for his gay dog)
Sandesh for not knowing what a false trail marker looks like
BigJim, GnHasher and Bennet for malingering at checks
Barbie Girl and Amanda for their uncovered meat
Tibetgal and Ana for matching squashy hats (except for the colour, shape, and embellishments)
Bill for looking very sweet with Tibet Gal's squashy hat on, the purple flower going very well with his facial blemishes
Chris and Peter for trying to avoid the GM’s gaze and for having stiff knees.

There was no doubt that the Hashit had to go to the sole ICIMOD representative, Plonker, who had come on today’s hash mainly to get away from work as she claimed she had spent the last two weekends catching up on her paperwork in the ICIMOD office. She was somewhat peeved that most of today’s hash had been spent circumambulating her office! We look forwards to having a hash from the ICIMOD Durbar before too long and Tea Cosy will get double down-downs on every hash until it happens.

Thanks to Mrs Rotter and Rani for the snacks and to Somebody for bringing the cake.