Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1463 25 November 2006
Location near Kruel's Kastle, Balkhu Hares Kruel, Ganesh, Rajendra
Hashers 51 Hashit Itchy Balls
Trash Apple deliver Trashflash Rotter, Kruel, Tibet Gal
Remarkables virgins: Sushila Buju, Manaslu Gurung, Sunita Kharka, Khobheri Raya, Jitendra Rodgers, Krishna Nina Rajan Rupendra Sangita Suman Rodgers, Puma Shahi, Alex Smith, Bikram Thapa, Bimisa Thapa, Andrew Westbury returnees: Peter Branney, Nadine Rodgers leavers: either Alex or Andrew
The Pictures The Trash

Griot's reaction to his side being completely outplayed


Virgins Alex and Andrew

Virgin Sushila

Returnees Nadine and Peter

Shades in the Shadows

Bahinis of Beer, Laksmi and Pratiksha. Be ready for the fee hike to subsidise their consumption

Itchy's fingers grope for the balls

It was a fine, sunny, Saturday afternoon in November somewhere around Kirtipur near Kruel's Kastle from where we were treated to a magnificent view of the mountains. As the local hoods were playing cricket in the parking lot, the chariots and on-in site had to be squeezed into an adjacent field where a group of 50 odd hashers had gathered. A sharp drop since our last runs. (Only because of the absence of the ICIMOD horde - GM.) However, there was plenty of presence from tracksuit clad young lads from the Kastle who had come to welcome us.

The GM then called the circle to order and summoned the Hare who had a rucksack on his back. A total of 9 checks with 4 and 7 as holdings was announced. The GM stated authoritively, for the benfit of virgins and newcomers, that the Holding checks were marked by 3 circles. Guess the the paper crisis is over! (time for new glasses I think Apple! - Kruel used the eco-hash system of single and and double circles - GM) Kruel then called forward the 13 runners who were lined up against the wall and shot - oh, I mean each assigned an odd or even number. Another twist to the mundane run a la Shrivelled?

The runners gallopped after Kruel toward the paddy fields while the walkers trotted after Laura and her assistant on their journey to Nirvana.

Heading eastward, Check 1 was found in the outskirts of the university grounds. The next trail of paper was found heading towards the campus premises.

Somewhere near Check 3, BigJim was spotted hash flashing to some of the farm proletariat's amusement.

The TU compound spans several thousand ropanies of prime hash territory with undulating hillocks, campus buildings, farmlands, vegetable gardens, teachers' quarters, women's hostels and backyard pathways where the checks were cleverly and intermittently spread out without us ever having to leave the TU premises. The dominating hills of Kirtipur and Chobar Gorge were not be conquered on this hash. We were also spared from going near the aromatic banks of the Bagmati River.

We passed the university cricket ground where a test match was in progress between Nepal and Malaysia. A lot of cricketing history is being made in this field of late although the stadium is yet to add spectator seats.

Around Check 7 we had the second holding check in a basketball court where some kids were playing. It was here that Kruel unloaded a basket ball, a bag of rotten tomatoes and 4 bottles of beer from his rucksack. The reason for his assigning numbers then became clear: he informed us that the odds would play against the evens for 15 minutes. Team Odd led by BigJim and his even bigger team mates took their shirts off while we Evens kept ours on. It turned out to be quite a competitive game despite the Odds' 6-footers taking a lot of potshots at the basket. Dribbling the ball and not stepping on fresh cow dung splattered toward one end of the court was no easy task. BigJim, Tiger Researcher visitor from Dhaka, Mr UN and someone else scored 4 baskets in all, while Griot and Doggie scored a basket each from the losing team.

As a reward, the winners got to drink beer, while the losers were scrammed away to find paper to get a head start so that we wouldn't be clobbered by rotten tomatoes. I was zig-zagging my way up toward the buildings for fear of being hit when Doggie came up with a clever plan to ambush and snatch away the bag of tomatoes by surprising the other team which was easily executed and we finally had our revenge.

From there on it was back to the chariots where the walkers had just returned and were enjoying drinks and refreshments. The Head Hare got his due for an inventive and well-set caper which naturally received a score of 8-4. Then down-downs for the usual culprits and several more for crashes, including virgin Tiger Researcher.

Thanks to Durga for laying out a delicious spread including (delicious, moist, superbly baked and flavoured - GM, under duress) carrot cake, and to Giselle for her cake. The boys in tracksuits had a hearty appetite and also made sure no food was wasted.

for her cake. The boys in tracksuits had a hearty appetite and also made sure no food was wasted.