Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1469 6 January 2007
Location beyond Sitapaila, 3.6km from Ring Road Hares Griot, Kail, Rosco
Hashers 43, of whom 9 paid for beer Hashit Virgin John Passed Her
Trash Keeled Over Trashflash Jannie, Rotter
Remarkables virgins: Kiran Ghimire, John Jameson, Aayu and Neha Tuladhar newcomers: Tim Setter returnees: Hus Kumar, Isabelle, Delicia, Ana Ester, Marie leavers: Marie
The Pictures The Trash

Kruel on the big stone at check six


Aayu and Neha - absolutely guaranteed virgins

Virgins Faster Pastor and Kiran

Newcomer Tim whose hash name will probably become 'The Immigrant'

Marie returns and leaves

Highly appropriate raiment supplied by Griot

Boston Beer Party

Hashit for the Faster Pastor

This one hour forty minute long jaunt around the Ramkot valley was heralded as the best hash yet of 2007 and awarded a score of 2016.9 (2007 + 9.9)! This was somewhat over-the-top as the hash never really attained any great heights (or lows — see Hash 1468 the previous week for the lowest hash ever (setter Keeled Over continues the hype - GM)). Griot had warned beforehand that the only good views to be had were from uphill false trails… and so it proved. As for the very generous score it is still not clear whether Rotter will keep to his new year’s resolution of being a more magnanimous and feely-touchy GM in 2007!

There were a number of latecomers because of some disturbances around Balaju. Dingaling caught up with the runners around Check 2 whilst Doggy Style, the Gee Ms, Niva and her shoulder-high kids put in an appearance around the big rock.

The run headed off first along the road westwards and from Check 1 headed Up North to gain some height. It then contoured round the head of the valley with quite a few confusing changes of direction on the way. The Faster Pastor jogged along at the back, with Apple and Peter puffing and panting alongside.

At one stage the paper led into a dank and jungly side valley where the pack became more totally confused than usual in a quarry with no paper whatsoever for about 400m from the check. Keeled, Yogi and Hurry headed off in completely the wrong direction. Keeled only regained the field at the last holding check, whilst Yogi and Hurry only reappeared at the end having nipped up to the hilltop gompa to the north for a quick glass of raksi.

After some shenanigans with Kruel scaling a huge rock, the run contoured further around to a freezing cold holding check at Bhimdunga Bhanjyang on the very edge of the Kathmandu Valley. Keeled took a false trail from here to get a view of Dhading district and then caught back up with the pack by hitching a lift on a truck. The paper led down the main road Kathmandu-wards before cutting off to the south and back round to the on-in via Godamthok.

Griot and his two sons were responsible for the long and arduous run and the very long and very arduous walk. For the second week on the run the main walker’s group came in way after the runners to find the snacks and drinks badly depleted and certainly no clean cups left. (The cups having been unusually clean this week as Durga had just welcomed in the New Year by carrying out the ANNUAL WASH - GM)

The circle was quite eventful as the temperature dropped below the critical level and the GM announced a hash dispensation allowing everybody to engage in pocket billiards to keep their hands and other appendages warm.

All that I remember of the circle is Griot awarding Doggy Style with his very own T-shirt (see photo), a new shoe down-down and an amazing squidgy new year’s cake that Shasa and Rajesh brought along.

The usual indecision about who to award the Hashit to was soon overcome when fingers were pointed at Faster Pastor John. On his first ever (and possibly last!) hash he stood out as a possible replacement for absentee Hash Religious Adviser The Fox.

Thanks to Mrs Potter and everyone else who brought along snacks. And here’s looking forwards to another year of hashes in the Kathmandu Valley that remains one of the best hashing areas in the world, and to the camaraderie, social networking, beer drinking and generally puerile behaviour that are the hallmarks of the Himalayan Hash. On-on!!

that are the hallmarks of the Himalayan Hash. On-on!!