Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1474 10 February 07
Location Gundugaon, Bhaktapur Hares Yogi Hare, Rubberlegs, Mukund, Rotter
Hashers 59 - not bad eh? Hashit The Uncoupled
Trash The Uncoupled Trashflash Shaky Jannie, Rotter
Remarkables virgins: Marc Boulez, Beatrix and Mariam Ferenczi, Ishur Lamichane returnees: Ranjit Ebenezer, Aiden Goldsmith, Fraser Howe, Pratiksha Kharka, Bibek Magar, Naina Puri, Jonathan Sanyon, Itchy Balls, Laksmi Shrestha, Rajiv Shrestha, Kerry and Rick Webb visitors: Alex Kiil
The Pictures The Trash

Hares - freezing for the photo to counter the effects of Jannie's camera shake

Virgins Marc and Ishur

Hungary Virgins Marian and Beatrix

The Balls is Back!

Returnees Rick and Kerry

Returnees Fanta and Large Larmie

Returnees Aidan and Ranjiv

Returnees Pratiksha and Laksmi

In an unusual reversal, US support for British adventurism

Uncoupled Triumph

Dear GM,

I received your 18 Feb email, informing me of "the new tradition, where the Hare has write the Trash". Luckily for me, I did not Hare that Hash. The GM's memory for HHHH rules allows me the excuse of submitting this late - especially since the GM could offer no excuse for bestowing upon me the infamous dishonor of the Hash Shit. (sorry about this Unc, we did actually have a tradition for a few weeks just after I joined the Hash last century of the Hare writing the Trash - it didn't last long! - GM) None the less, as the unfortunate recipient of the Hash Shit on that fateful day, I will volunteer a few memories of then. "Then", as I was regrettably unable to take part in last week's HHHH (17 Feb), due to a far more serious affliction than a the GM's excuse of an ingrown toenail. Can't remember what exactly it was that kept me, but I wasn't there - I was here, not there on the HHHH, despite it being so nearby. I do recall standing on my rooftop terrace, with a beer in my hand about 14:30-hrs, thinking, "whoops, they are hashing over there....". Ah, another day in paradise.

None the less, back to the HHHH a week earlier (number whatever), when The Uncoupled (for reasons still unknown) triumphed, donned the Hash Shit and was "awarded" two down-downs in that sleazy looking beer mug. Two beers, because the GM could not get his camera focused in time, so fast did the first mug of HHHH brew disappear.

But, back to the run... hmmmm... It was a brilliant day, as we gathered in the plains of Gundugaon. A day, like we had not seen for many a day. There we were, gathered, as it was (or were), when the GM screamed "On-On!" and pointed us in the direction crossing rice paddies, up the hills, down other hills (where the trail ran out, because the Hares lost it again), through forests unclear to the Hares, and back to where we started (where-ever). It was a bit of a miracle that we did finish, as the Hares constantly lost the trail and had to continually search for their own paper, in order to get the damn run moving on again. The area felt somewhat like virgin territory - never before violated by the GM (at least in my presence). As a matter of fact, it was not violated by the GM on that day either, as he remained with the beer, complaining of a major toe injury (the ingrown hangnail), incurred during a Load-Shedding Nite (that's power cuts, to us Americans!). He then proceeded to flash (= "expose" to our British friends) his incredibly wild HHHH winter wonder wear (i.e. the purple long-johns) and the toe in question, as it were....

I can't remember much of the run, as its now been two weeks and two days, much beer has passed, along with a glass of wine or two. Memories of ancient HHH's are not meant to be held, just recorded, and filed away, as we move On-On to the next HHHH. Thus, I can only write, that the beer was acceptably cool, but not the right chilled temperature. This is due to both a British GM's tendency to luke-warm the beer, load-shedding in his neighborhood, and the wonderful winter of Nepal. The food was not bad, but it disappeared immediately, leaving us to contemplate the GM's naked toe, exposed by Over-Exposed, for all to see. Luckily, most of us were upwind and not subjected to the Foul Winds of The Grand Master. Social drinking was withheld for an undue period of time, due to reasons known only to the GM, until most of the beer had been consumed and we had nothing to drink socially anyway. We then departed.

A last word to the Hares - while your trail-laying abilities left us with a few doubts of ineptitude along the way, as you searched for the trail, you brought us to another beautiful corner of the Kathmandu Valley. This included lack of any architectural phenomena, designed by our aponarch specialist, and no words of clever wisdom from Keeled (about anything in general and nothing in particular). There were also only a few moments of Creative Posing by the master posers - Over-Exposed and Itchy-Balls (who returned from where-ever, just to subject himself to another day of HHHHing).

Always with the Highest Regards for our HHHH administration,

Remaining, the one and only - The Uncouple

HHH administration,

Remaining, the one and only - The Uncouple