Trashes 1451-1475




1451 Saturday, 2 September 2006 open space in front Weatherells Wigwam, Bhaisepatti
1452 Saturday, 9 September Hotel Country Villa, Nagarkot
1453 Saturday 16 September N of the N end of the airport runway
1454 Saturday 23 September Chobhar Quarry
1455 Saturday 30 September Pyataar, N of Bouddha
1456 Saturday 7 October Rotter's Redoubt, Patan Dhobhighat
1457 Saturday 14October Matatirtha Temple
1458 Saturday 21October Bakhrigaon, W of Sitapaila
1459 Saturday 28 October Just below Keeled's Kottage, Dolahity
1460 Saturday 4 November Sainbu, Bhainsipatti
1461 Saturday 11 November 3.6km on the Dhapakhel road
1462 Saturday 18 November Godamchaur Bus Park, nr Godavari
1463 Saturday 25 November

near Kruel's Kastle, Balkhu
- in which the runners, sorted into teams by Kruel beforehand, stopped on the Tribhuvan University basketball court and played 15 minutes each way. Kruel then gave the winners a large bag of soft tomatoes to fire at the losers

1464 Saturday 2 December Jagdol, above Aru Bari
- on a cold windy ridge which the Uncoupled was unable to find. Near the end, runners ignored paper pointing up to Kapan monastery and headed straight back to the beer. Film shooting taking place nearby
1465 Saturday 9 December Just north of Naikap, off the Thankot Road
- in which the Hares provided one of the best beer checks ever with comprehensive snacks and Newari rakshi to wash it down with. And only a short run down to the OnSite
1466 Saturday 16 December Park Village Resort, Buddhanilkantha
- in which we said goodbye to Itchy Balls and Giselle by means of a run with a check inside Sher Bahadur Deuba's compound and later a gathering at Park Village resort when several Hashers were seen dancing
1467 Saturday 23 December Gundugaon, Bhaktapur
- in which Keeled Over was the only runner to complete the whole trail and the GM's udder distributed hot chicken pieces and wine in an attempt to encourage a festive spirit amongst the few attendees
1468 Saturday 30 December

Bagmati Beach, Pharsidol
- the smelliest OnSite yet and the lowest hash of all (including the altitude)

1469 Saturday 6 January 2007 beyond Sitapaila, 3.6km from the Ring Road
- in which a lot of the FRB's went a long way up a side valley before finding an 'X', and Doggy Style got a highly appropriate t-shirt from Griot
1470 Saturday 13 January

temple by the Bagmati, west of Sano Kokana
- in which Victim's driver Hari took two days to hand-craft the paper with a pair of scissors, the Hash was collectively charged Rs200 for parking, and the GMizz's dog got a bloody gash which got wrapped in t-shirts while he was rushed of to the vet

1471 Saturday 20 January

Katunje, just south of Bhaktapur
- in which Hare Anil was accused of laying the trail from a motorcycle, the run was about half the Hare's promised two hours, and Doggy Style departed for Brazil

1472 Saturday 27 January western corner of Bageshwari Reserved Forest 'just' off the Nagarkot Road
- in which the pack almost got the bends after a vicious descent at the start followed by an equally nasty climb. Fabulous forest, wild river, and mountain views. Only two people did not arrive late for the Off.
1473 Saturday 3 February just before Lubhu
- in which the pack was totally confused by thin paper, checks laid in coded symbols, and a home arrow halfway round. This is what happens when the setting is trusted to four females. Hairstyle made a flying visit and Alex from Uganda took the hash to new heights.
1474 Saturday 10 February Gundugaon, Bhaktapur
- in which the pack had again to negotiate Yogi Hare's 'terrain direct' paper, the GM cut off Itchy's and OverExposed's beer support, and Itchy retaliated by reducing the GM's locks
1475 Saturday 17 February beyond Chobar and Lake Taudaha
-in which the entire Hash mismanagement was absent so Victim took over as GM. Short and scenic as runs laid by Kruel go. The walkers split into two groups with slow walkers led from the rear by Itchyballs arriving just in time not to miss the circle altogether.