Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1476 24 February 2007
Location beyond Sitapaila, 3.6km from the Ring Road Hares Griot and Alex
Hashers 61, of whom 20 drank beer Hashit difficult to work out
Trash How’s Zat Trashflash Tibet Gal
Remarkables virgins: Sophla Armashki, Kirsten Breummer, Denis Mallet, Bharani Rada, Charlie Smith, Basanta Thakali, Vicky Verschoor newcomers: Michael Abert returnees: Alex Clark, Philip Bannes, Karen Bernstein, Elizabeth Fox, Brian Hollander, Jason Katz, Mingma Sherpa, Sudesh Shrestha, Maduri Singh, Alex Smith
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Horny Hares


You can tell who the serious hashers are - the ones who ignore the cup meeting and go straight for the beer

To the Uncoupled and the RAP Organisation for cluttering up the shite with useless rubbish

I suppose we'll now have to design a Hash Three-Piece to replace the Fleeces which have run out

Nameless False Hashit

After a little controversy about the directions to the On–On site, most hashers managed to arrive safely without driving into the big tree in the middle of the road. Keeled was manning the signing-in and collection of the monies in the absence of the GM and the GMstress for the second week running. Someone commented that the GM should be pushed round in a wheelchair if his big toe did not get better soon. This was the beginning of a very stressful day for Keeled.

The hares were Griot… ‘with his little horn’ for the runners, and his son Alex… ‘with a huge dog’ for the walkers. Hash directions were outlined with a warning that specific instructions would need to be given at Holding Check six. Griot insisted it would be a medium run, but some of us had our doubts.

Sure enough, after a fairly modest start where Griot shepherded the runners along nicely, blowing his little horn, the trail went vertically up with the pack desperately pulling themselves up through the trees and bushes. At Holding Check six, the appropriate instructions were given with a severe warning to the hashers to stay on paper for the next few checks until the top was reached.

At this point it was noticed that Keeled was missing and a frantic session of horn blowing by Griot eventually reeled the Keeled in. Keeled was heard to mutter “I always lose the paper on Griot’s trails.”

Eventually everyone struggled to the top, and then descended and returned to the on-on site with an opportunity of a short jog towards the end.

The walkers arrived in batches with only the hare and a few intrepid followers completing the trail. Itchy Balls and a number of others had declined the challenge of the steep climbs and had returned early. This was considered poor form, especially from such an experienced hasher as Itchy (he must be getting a bit soft) [losing his balls, methinks - GM].

The usual down–downs were given with the circle being managed by Keeled. Please come back GM all is forgiven. It was the Victim last week ‘in-charge’ of the circle and your control (excellent people-management style and skills) (stop crawling you b*****d - Keeled) and eloquence is sorely missed.

The Hashit fell upon a Nepali woman; but she refused to drink it and passed it on [Keeled not being half as persuasive as me - GM] to the new guy Mr Thapa.

Granted the general behaviour of the circle was poor with too many hashers having private conversations which made life difficult for Keeled. Apologies would no doubt be appreciated by Keeled at the next hash from all those inconsiderate hashers. Keeled eventually threw his hash notes (written on a piece of cardboard) away, called social drinking and went off in a huff complaining and muttering to anyone who would give him a sympathetic hearing [wot! no mention of the amazing Union Jack shorts - Keeled].

The usual score of 9.9 was given - with a little hesitation!

On–on, How’s Zat

with a little hesitation!

On–on, How’s Zat