Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1480 24 March 2007
Location open space in front of the Weatherell and The Uncoupled residences Hares The Uncoupled and Roger
Hashers 39, of whom 14 paid for Nepali beer Hashit The Uncoupled
Trash Michael Trashflash GM, GMz
Remarkables virgins: Natalie Gielen, Pauline Lorthiois, Sarah Wong newcomers: Michael Poulsen, The Trash Scribe himself returnees: Lauren, Mouna, Margaret, Liv, Doggy Style, Miki, Kazumori leavers: Miki, Kazumori
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Newcoming Scribe

Returnees brought to the same level

Private partyers

You can get a lot of beer in a Moriarty-size shoe

To Faster Pastor for keeping complaining that short-cutters were not being punished to the satisfaction of people like him who had done the full course

Sexy mug shot

The Bridges over Bhaisepati County

The job of writing the Hash trash is somewhat of a daunting task, being a Newcomer and all. So if there are any hashes names, locations, hash proverbs etc. that you feel that do not comply with your religion, belief or culture please direct you're torches and pitchforks towards Doggy Style who in a moment of insanity suggested that I be put in charge of writing the Trash

Anyhow the On-On site was about 3 km off the ring road coming from Jawalakhel, in front of Weatherell's residence. After the GM was finished shouting at latecomers a brief introductory circle was formed, and it was announced that there would be quite a few river crossings. At this point it was becoming clear that somewhere there must be a Religious Advisor, not doing his job; the sun was baking hot and would continue to be so throughout the run (a few clouds would have worked wonders).

After only 5 minutes of running we received a taste of what was to come - a deviously placed paper trail and well hidden checkpoints. So devious was the paper trail in fact (hidden in along the banks of the river), that even the Hare seemed to have some misgivings about being so close to a river, that smelled like the hind side of a dysentery stricken Yak.

Halfway through we met up with the short distance runners standing on a hilltop enjoying the view. After a short break the hares trumpeted that the run must proceed, which resulted in 6-7 enthusiastic hashers (i.e. non-Americans - GM) running in all directions. We were however soon guided back to the river by the hares.

We all soon realized that if there was a bridge, chances were that we were going across it. At one particular bridge the hare stopped to proudly explain that they had to "repair" it in the morning. The pack was unable to identify any of these 'improvements' but took the hares' words of assurance and proceeded across - only to return to the same side of the river via yet another bridge after 2 km. At one point or another, the front groups of runners seemed to have had enough and proceed to care more about cold beer and less about being on paper, whereon they ran as fast as they could towards the on-on site. (The Scribe is obviously unaware of normal hash behaviour - GM!)

In all it was a good run with a lot of changes in elevation, and at times with a spectacular view across the Bhaisepatti valley. On the downside it was a long run and the sun was a constant companion and for long periods so was the particular river odor.

The Down Downs had some startling revelations, most notably the French skills of the GM which he used to dazzle 4 (3, -one claimed Belgium heritage) virgins, which where subsequently stunned to silence. And it came to light that the GMizz had managed her way through the run following right behind some firm Hawaiian buttocks... The Uncoupled had made an attempt to buy off the hash circle with fine imported beer, the plan however backfired when it was discovered that the beer was past its expiration date. The hash circle was however bought off with great snacks -in particular I have high praises for the brownies -well done.

OnOn - Michael

snacks -in particular I have high praises for the brownies -well done.

OnOn - Michael