Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1488 19 May 2007

outside SKM Hospital, Salambutar, Sanku

Hares Barbie, Jimmi, Richard
Hashers 33, of whom 11 paid for beer Hashit Barbie
Trash on its way from Barbie Trashflash Rotter, GeeMizz
Remarkables virgins: Ganesh Bista, Ashish Pudasaini, Ritesh Pudasaini returnees: Prem Kharel, Tanisha Rayamaji
The Pictures The Trash

Shasha doesn't seem to want to enjoy the great view


Yogi Hare's virgin soldier dad

Victim and background

GM and Overexposed - serious intelligent types by hash standards

Orange is the new Hash Blue

Leaver Connie. "I'll drink to that" Griot

Hashit for a real Cockup

River crossings, leaches and cock killing

Thank God we were close to a hospital!

Quote of the day: Do me later!!! – Victim trying to postpone the enevable down-down waiting for him for cock killing.

Hash run number 1488 was in hindsight properly one of the best runs ever… - did I mention that the hares are writing the trash?

Well the day stated off with some confusion regarding the OnSite directions and the slight difference between left and right. However the fact of the matter is that only the Grand Mattress and Uncoupled were capable of following driving instructions –even if that meant going halfway to Sankhu and doing a 180 degree turn coming back the same way.

The run got started off a bit late: (Keeled, is this punctuation right? - GM) whether that was due the fact that the hares had just arrived back from setting the trail and needed to catch their breath or due to the misunderstanding of the run instructions is unclear. Rotter proclaimed that the nominations for the Hashit closed and demanded the establishment of a circle wherein the hares announced that whereas Run 1487 was labeled as bloody, today’s run would be a bloody wet one, restoring the term river crossing to its true meaning. Beside this there would be 8 checks, of which 3 were holdings, which turned out to be counted by the Duth (who he? - GM) metric system.

The runners went off towards the nearby village where all had seen the first check, even though, a small group, fearlesly led by Overexposed decided that nothing is a fact in this life and stormed of in the opposite direction, claiming afterwards they had not heard the first on-on’s that echoed over the Sankhu area that day. The other group of runners descended to the rice paddies to find the trail making its first river crossing... Or so they thought. After the Hashmaster had battled his way to the other side and Yogi decided that this was a nice spot to ease his muscles by taking a mud bath. The run continued through the paddies, through the river, through the group of walkers, through the pack of rabies-infested dogs, through some more paddies, and up the hill. Looking over our shoulders while running up we spotted a tiny big Jim and orange hare in the distance entering the paddies.

Already ten minutes later we faced our biggest enemy of the day: creativity. During the day, the communication skills of the hares had reached a point where questions from local children about the weird way of spreading litter were met with: me…running...after....friends also running. Whereas the sentence: if you tough this paper I will strike down upon you with furious anger, etc., spoken in fluent Nepalese might have been more effective, since now they took the opportunity of using the paper shreds to add a personal touch. This resulted in, among other things, one of the hares looking amazed at Uncoupled, as he was shouting ‘on paper’ while disappearing in a direction that could not be marked with paper, the run presented a few more additional holds and a wiped out cross which caused Uncoupled to defy barb wire and enter a military base.

Luckily, all sorrows were forgotten when we reached the top of the hill. Like little children we stood there smiling and proclaimed our exciting observations to each other: ‘Look, there’s Baktapur!’ ‘Is that Nagarkot over there?’ ‘Oh, and there’s Baktapur!’ ‘Hmmm, we might be in for a little bit of rain.’ ‘Isn’t it amazing, that’s Baktapur!’ ‘Is that the monastery we’re running towards?’ ‘O, how cool that you can see Baktapur from here!’
The weather was kind to us and the run continued with only minor incidents, such as different sources confirming that they'd spotted a Yogi who seemed to have lost his group and was in a high state of disorientation, and our orange Bushbunny (Hare Richard) running extra miles to make sure that no one was left behind.

Both of the hares were finally introduced to a new concept: Showsprinting, picking the right time of pushing off for a final sprint after a nice calm walk, in order to appear out of the woods in good speed and with a reasonable amount of sweat on your face.

Meanwhile the walkers were off towards the first river crossing, a pace being set by Mrs. Rotter that would have made any Olympic race walker proud. The paths led over the ridge leading to Changunarayan – where 3 walkers deserted the pack for sight-seeing. On the way back Victim's Ferrous (Feral? - GM) Hounds of War went on a rampage through the villages on the way back to the river' traumatizing the local population of dogs and roosters alike.

The down downs proceeded, but not before the Gee Mizz made a fashion statement by appearing in a pair of baggy black stretch velour dungarees (not quite the garb for a hot sweaty day, I'd say - GM) . Then the GM genously started to hand out down downs –some of the lucky ones were:

The Hares for getting everyone’s shoes wet and receiving a 3.3 * 3 in rating
The Hares for being dyslectics, so no comments on our broken English please!
Hare Jimi for being the only hare that is left handed, which he is not, but his left hand was getting tired from lifting the cup.
Yogi’s Virgin Dad (!)
Connie for being a leaver (back home to the US)
Juliana Fellows –for piggy-back riding across river crossings on Child Killers back
A bunch of people for sharing the same notion that orange is a nice color (Griot seemed to have weaseled himself out of this one, by changing his t-shirt just before the down-downs)
Overexposed… -well I forget (it was for being able to find an OnSite despite his driver not having phoned the GM's driver for directions - GM)
Victim - for buying the most expensive cock in Nepal for Rs. 900 with money borrowed from hash cash

The Hashit was supposed to be an open and shut case due to Barbi’s directional sense, or understanding of the slight difference between left end right. But due to Victim's Cockup and being the proud owner of a previously traumatized, presently dead, rooster (the latter state was most likely achieved with the help of its former owner), Victim won the nomination that was suppose to have closed before the run got started.

On a final note the food was fantastic as ever, and Connie and the Gee Mizz provided absolutely delicious brownies for desert.

d the Gee Mizz provided absolutely delicious brownies for desert.