Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1490 2 June 2007
Location 400m south of Dapakhel Lake Hares Lover Boy, Doggy Style, Apple, Sachit, Sachin, Niva
Hashers 40 Hashit Rotter
Trash Jeff Trashflash Rotter, Tibet Gal
Remarkables virgins: Sashin, Cinzia Rigodanzo, Nikesh Tamang returnees: Lover Boy, Doggy Style, Sachit, Niva, Fraser, Amanda Levinson, Katie Kilcleina leavers: Barbie
The Pictures The Trash

Above: the FRBs thrash about in search of floating paper. Keeled on the left looks a little reluctant to take the plunge.

Hares, hares, hares

Virgins Cinzia, Nikesh, and ?

Returnees Lover Boy, Amanda, Sachit, and Katie

Barbie gives up waiting for an election and heads home, hopefully to return whenever the GON gets its act together

Look like a pair of wankers to me

At the time of writing I can't actually remember why I deserved the Hashit. Probably a mistake as usual. GM

The Viagra Run (four ups and downs in one afternoon – and no religion)

Seven Hares and one a virgin hasher. Given the lack of paper in some parts of the run I think it was one hare to put down the paper and six to pick it up again – judging by the amount that was handed over by Lover Boy to me for next weeks’ run obviously not much was used.

Seven checks, four holds and a water crossing and off we went down the hill. Too far down for some as Dingaling, exuberant as ever, overshot the right turn, others blindly followed.

Into the first valley and up the first climb to the first check, and the first of many false trails followed by the GM. However paper was soon found left and it was back down into the valley to the second check. This was a good one – or would have been if the false marks had not been moved (picked up by that virgin hare?). Keeled went right and found paper, GM went left and found paper and we, wisely, waited with the hare. Eventually he indicated that both directions were wrong so Richard went back and left to find the trail, only to discover that the “false trailers” having run on without paper, had actually stumbled on the trail by accident – is there no justice?

Along a ravine (well a small one) to check three – this one was a beauty, options left straight and right with two trails up a hill. It had to be up the hill but no-one wanted to check. Finally Barbie bit the bullet and sure enough there was paper. Hill number two was steep but at least we were on trail – weren’t we? Wrong, a bl***y false trail at the top, and to make matters worse, as we were coming back down the walkers were going up. Finally, after turning the pack inside out again, we found paper going around another hill on the opposite side of the valley.

A long run to the next check – a hold, close to a new development then around the village and along a road (Uncoupled said it was a nice downhill run – but I was sure it was up) to a check overlooking the valley. Ashish and Ritesh (the young duo) called right while others checked left – a track across the paddys looked promising but Keeled did not want to check it (not hilly enough?). Sure enough that was the way to go and, with the three hilly knobs rearing their ominous heads in front we zig-zagged our way across.

Up the hill we strived – well some did- I preferred the low road and met the pack on the way down and then on to the last hold – at the bottom of the temple hill rising to the right with various options front and left. Well you don’t put a hold check at the bottom of an obvious hill unless you are going to put a falsie up the hill – even ½ a mind hashers know that – right? Except some of us are only maybe ¼ as Keeled and RubberLegs enticed a few other impressionable hashers up the steps, found paper and vainly tried to call the more blasé of us up. Sure enough – no temple- and paper was found straight ahead by GM (who didn’t call until he was halfway back to the cars), and then a long run/walk back – or so we thought. With cars in sight we were faced with the “fish pond” and a refreshing swim. Hurry Krishna unselfishly carried a stack of shoes, watches etc whilst most of the rest of us partook of the watery delights (fish supper and vegetables included if you were foolish enough to keep your mouth open). OverExposed and Rotter were observed skulking around the edge – in Rotter’s case probably because he can’t keep his mouth shut. (not so Geoff, I raced back to the OnSite grabbed my camera, and managed to take the picture at the top - GM)

The swim was good but unfortunately the shoes had been taken to the cars so an agonizing barefoot walk ended the run for many of us.

Reports were that the walk was good but uneventful except that Apple managed to split the pack into two halfway through.

The hares were called to the circle – all seven of them- I personally though it was an excellent run with clever checks and some opportunities for shortcutting. Any run which turns the pack inside out a few times has to be praised.

Virgins were initiated, Cinzia from Italy with the Red Cross, Sachin who was brought by his brother and Nikesh Tamang from Rasuwa.

Barbie got a mug full for leaving (for a short while) and for telling GeeMizz he was hung over but felt better after seeing her! and Richard and Om for being a couple of wankers – so much so they even continued it in the circle and also Keeled a implausible down down for providing poisoned plums (Those two down downs seem to fit together somehow).

Returnees Amanda, Guru, Katie and Lover Boy were welcomed back and latecomers Cinzia and Anil were also given a beer to slow them up on the return trip.

Hashit choices were either the GM for not swimming the pond or not the GM for swimming the pond. The GM won by a lap.

Thanks to Durga for the usual fine fare and the GeeMizz for her magic disappearing brownies.

Thanks to Durga for the usual fine fare and the GeeMizz for her magic disappearing brownies.