Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1492 16 Jun 2007
Location north of Gokarna temple Hares Yogi Hare, Rubberlegs, Drubha
Hashers 50 Hashit Yogi Hare
Trash KL Trashflash friend of Jimmi's
Remarkables virgins: Bhujel, John Fry, Martie Guldemonb, Arjun Subedi returnees: Nawaraj, Lao Lover's Lover, Mukunda, Manish, Shyam, Kanchi Rai, Bimal, Surath visitors: Joy Lee
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Some returnees

I'll guess that this is visitor Joy with her details being carefully noted by the Scribe

With Dingaling and Trouble in the shot the down-down must be for unbecoming behaviour

Hashit for Yogi Hare

The Solo Condi run - plenty of Rice and hills but little in the way of Bushes.

The run started ominously enough, Dingaling crashed in the first 20 meters, half the pack trampled over the first rice paddy and the local farmer directed me through the middle of his sewerage pit - it doesn't get much better than that!

Eleven checks and three holds sounded like par for the course for a Yogi/Rubberlegs run but the first few checks were surprisingly close together. Down to the first check with a false to the right - usual complaints by Keeled of hare mismanagement because he got caught on it. Down again to the edge of a large set of paddies. The front runners short-cutted across the fragile paddy walls and then tried to persuade the slower brethren to take the long way round - no way - it's those fast hard stamping FRBs (Front Running Bastards) that do the damage - not us gentle stepping slower folk. Around the contours and Rubberlegs lost his hat to a wayward bramble, just as well as I was behind him and if he had ducked, given our relevant sizes it would have cut across my throat.

Another check at the river - are we crossing? Some thought so and found paper across but it was another falsie. Keeled found more paper left and then we did have to cross and then a short stiff climb up to the first ridge and then another up to the first hold. Options were to go along the path, go back down or go straight down a cliff, where I was sure I could see footmarks. Little persuasion was needed for Jimi to go down the cliff and, as On On was called back down the path, I wished him well and left him to it.

Yoshi was noticed at this point well to the rear of the pack causing speculation as to how a new child can slow you down.

Up another ridge and into a few fields of corn, so tall that at one point Yogi was lost to sight. Eventually we came out on a road for a pleasant jog but soon it was back among the paddies to another check - easily found left and down but the foothills were coming close. Sure enough it was up, and up, and up. At one point there was a hold with a false but the hares called most of the pack through and it was more up.

The day had started cool with even a bit of rain on the way to the run but now it was sunny and hot and humid and the hill was not nice. Eventually we came to another hold (Check 9) below which Tamang, Rama and Krishna were sprawled out in exhaustion. Trail was up again and Rubberlegs refused to offer a short cut to the stragglers, all he could say was "Only five minutes more up - it's not very far today". Fifteen minutes later I decided enough was enough and found a nice downward sloping path which luckily led to a shop with cold drinks and a road back to the cars. The same road was found by other SCBs (Short Cutting Bastards) a short time later but the pack continued contouring round the slope. The last check had a nasty false trail upwards, luckily for Lao Lover's Lover (LLL), her dog refused to go up so she managed to take the correct trail down which led to a two mile run in along another valley road.

First in, except for the SCBs, made it in about 2 hours, unfortunately the walkers had a short trail, were back in under one hour and a half, and had demolished just about all the soft drinks (there should be a special reserve for the runners).

The walkers had taken an easy stroll up the road the SRBs came in on, contoured round and picked up the runners in trail - no hassle, no drama - no dead chickens.

As Rotter was away Gee Miz ran the circle. Hares Yogi, Rubberlegs and Kumar managed a 9.9 - should have been less for refusing to divulge a short cut for the old and infirm.

A paradise full of virgins, Argu from Itahari, Bidor, a friend of Keeled's son, Marta from the land of the dykes, who is into women's foundations (a Berlei saleswoman?), and John, from UK and BC who though the run was insufferable!

Two returnees who's names I missed but who had been working hard - unlike most of the other hashers.

Visitor was John's wife Joy who had previously hashed in Penang and who thought the run too long - no kidding? In Malaysia, as in most of the hashing world, a run of 1.5 hours is considered too long, it's only the masochists here who like 2+ hour mountain marathons.

Hash crashes Dingaling, Trouble and Rama were rewarded for their efforts, as were latecomers Vinzano and Trishna who complained that Victim refused to give them a lift, so he got a down down as well.

SCBs Krishna, Ragu, Ramu and your scribe were also rewarded for proving that, by taking the short cut, it sometimes needs more than 'half a mind' to hash.

Kruel was called up to explain how and why he had just assisted his wife to have yet another child and tried to excuse himself by throwing handfuls of cigars to all and sundry and Child Killer was punished for running on the walk ("I was confused", he said - not as confused as were they who walked on the run).

Jimi was called up to explain why he was wearing the big baggy shorts with spacious packets which seemed to occupy his hands most of the day and Over Exposed for not bringing the other Jimmy in town to the Hash with his new friends.

The Hashit was given to Yogi - because it was time for him to have it again, and Keeled offered to set next weeks run and was helped in his down down by a mystified Gabriella and LLL.

Thanks for the snacks from Rani and the excellent brownies from Gee Miz.

Correction. It would appear that I made a small error in naming the new offspring of Aki and Yoshi in last weeks trash. The daughters name is Yuiko, not Luybi - a simple mistake anyone could have made after a couple of San Miguels. In future I take no responsibility for renaming names unless they are presented to me in black ink on clean white paper in big capital letters.

ming names unless they are presented to me in black ink on clean white paper in big capital letters.