Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1496 14th July 2007
Location beyond Sitapaila School Hares

GRiot, Kyle, and Josh

Hashers 27 in the end Hashit Yogi Hare
Trash Jimmi Trashflash Lola
Remarkables virgins: Margot, Jesbina and Brian’s dog newcomers: Little Willy and Pierre returnees: Danisha and Kyle
The Pictures The Trash

Above: Yogi Hare has to 'make do' with a much larger capacity improvised Hashit


Doggy Style forces a Virgin onto her knees

Ungallant Trouble misses out on Fair Maiden Lola

Hare's legs screwed on skewed

Margaret pushes a chariot off

This event took place on the day of a transport strike called by that sweetest and most helpful of group of artisans: the airport taxi drivers. The GM, driving in from Bandipur in an effort to get to the OnSite for the beer at least, met a huge traffic jam to the Ring Road starting just after Thankot. Getting to Sitapaila could have been done but he preferred to go for home, turning up to Mathatirtha Temple and using well-hashed back roads on the south edge of the Valley. It worked, amazingly.

The Hash started with an extra challenge: Making it to the Hash site! The roadblocks demanded several shortcuts, where some paper would have been highly appreciated (although the YCL might have experienced it big crosses on their roadblocks as a forecast for an air force attack).

Arriving at the Hash site we saw that only few of us made it (21 + Kruel who appeared on a cycle from the bushes in a way as if he just finished the run). After GRiot classified today’s run as medium-short one with a lot of checks and a few false trails we were off. After the first climb we reached check 1 out of ten, or was it a hold. Yogi, Dingaling and Jimi remembered that two circles meant a check were the others had read the Hash manual more carefully and recognized the hold. The fact that from different directions an enthusiastic On-On was shouted should have warned us about the number of false trails. After being confronted with several white crosses, or just no more paper, we saw the track leading up another steep hill. Although we could hear the front runners being already halfway up we could see a faint smile on the face of the sweeping hare, this turned out to be a useful observation as the others were led to the top of the hill to be faced with yet another cross.

Although making some of us run the extra false mile, the hares did a proper job in saving the ones that were in the back (no names, since this has proven to provoke violent reactions) from the false trails. Also, GRiot made sure that the run was complete by doing a proper hash crash (although he declared that it was just gravity). The other holds were chosen carefully giving us yet another scenic view of the valley (since the GeeMizz is back in the States we were not able to spot Baktapur) (the meaning of this last quite eludes me - GM).

Brian’s dog proved to be a non rooster-killing, child-biting, rice paddy-trashing breed (for the exact name ask Trouble), even not walking away from his virgin down-down, as some others tried (Pierre thought his leaving would go unnoticed by driving the big jeep through the circle).

At the end of the run we were met by a proper river crossing, making Trouble even beg Hasflash to carry him over. The rest of us could see Kruel, recovered from his cycle ride, sprinting off towards what turned out to be 8 beers and warm soda’s. Just there we found out we were not the only one’s doing the hash. Doggy style, Apple, Raj and others got stuck on the ringroad and decided to run from there, crossing the fields and being welcomed with a warm ‘Shortcutting Bastards’ greetings from our side.

Arriving back at the OnSite, it turned out Kyle had taken his duty serious, taking the walkers on a two hour tour.

The ending ceremony was led by Dingaling, causing him to be outsmarted by little girls, turned down by older ones and teaching virgins complicated ways to complete their down-downs. GRiot, Kyle and Josh were rewarded with 9.9 something (although some classified the run as 42). Newcomer Little Willy was given the benefit of the doubt (‘there could have been a Big Willy back where he came from.’)

GRiot (for the endless false trail up the hill), Dingaling (for the chaotic ending ceremony) and Yogi Hare (for looking most like one of the taxi drivers that blocked the road) were nominated for the Hashit. Frustration won and Yogi had to drink. Trouble had to down-down for his lack of gallantry, and Lola for being the victim of this.

The remaining 0.01 score was earned by GRiot and his co-hares by inviting us over to his place for extended social drinking.

(Gees in front of the scribe's 'Riot' courtesy of the GM)


(Gees in front of the scribe's 'Riot' courtesy of the GM)