Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1498 28 July 2007
This concrete will not be dry for long
This week's host of Leavers, as usual looking happier than when they joined
Location Dingaling's abode in Maharajganj Hares Dingaling, Jose, Lena, Etienne
Hashers 47 Hashit Griot
Trash Jimmi Trashflash Lola
Remarkables virgins: Andrea Schwarte, Sandeep Giri leavers: Etienne, Lena, Lola, Griot, Kevin, Andrea, Hilary, Shannon
The Pictures The Trash

Why don't they offer ME a ciggy?

Virgins Sandeep and Andrea

Hares receive their due

Yogi Hare didn't think much of the run

So what's a Griot?

Prem and Tibet Gal rescue Dingaling from having to serve the beef raw

Stairway to Heaven, or on-on-UP

The Hares were eager to hear who was running and who was not, which could have given us a clue about the run we were about to face. The pack was unleashed and we started with a bit of urban run, having only one ever-ready bunny leading the way this time.

Soon it was time to leave the city behind us and head for the hills. After the first minor ascent we were faced with the bonus feature; the hash sprint. The thought of a chilled Sam Adams offered by the Hares was enough to encourage a mad sprint top at speed towards the bridge which was hardly worthwhile with a thirsty Raj in the pack to grab the honours.

A little further on we spotted the first holding check, where Rubberlegs finally managed to catch up with the pack. But at that moment the rain also caught up with us, causing a wave of hash crashes along the line snaking through the rice paddies.

Coming to our second and last holding check, we saw Yogi Hare appearing with a servant holding an umbrella for him. (Scribe, tell us more, please - GM) After this, it was on-on UP the muddy mountain, causing more crashes. We didn't stop until we were surrounded by clouds and met at the top by a herd of buffaloes, chewing our paper (on-on BBQ). Coming down the hill, the GeeMizz thought for a moment it really had been a stairway to heaven, spotting six vans parked by the side of the road. Unfortunately, they turned out to be on a false trail. Soaked and worn out we reached a proper river crossing this time, allowing Trubble and Yogi Hare to show-off their Baywatch skills, by saving a few of us and making it apparent to all that you can also shortcut even a river during the Monsoon.

The run ended as it begun; through the streets of Kathmandu. (Scribe, this calls for a little elaboration: the 'streets' in question was the whole length of the main road from Buddhanilkantha to Gopal Narayan Chowk on the Ring Road. This is the longest section on a major road that I have heard of the HHHH ever undertaking. - GM) The temptation of urban facilities was too much for sweeper hare Dingaling, taking a cap for the last few kilometers. (Scribe, what does this last bit mean? Perhaps it should have been 'nap' instead of 'cap"? - GM) Arriving back, we were shocked to hear that the GM had not only deserted the main pack to join the walkers, but arranged a shortcut for them as well.

Still Overexposed's legacy (fallout? - GM) continues, with yet another pair of Virgins from the US. We even ran by the house of one of them (was it really that long?). A bunch of young hashers were leaving us (see picture above) . . . . and also Griot, who doesn't quite fall into the same category. Trying even to the end to live up to his name he had prepared little anecdotes for every down-down the GM dragged him into the circle for.

Smokers Jimi and Amy were shown by the GM alternative ways to consume a cigarette (stubbed into a bottle I tried a swig of - GM . Dingaling and Yogi Hare re-enacted some of the dramatic highlights of this run. A bunch of muddy runners were dragged into the circle for hash crash down-downs. And the GM's authority (sorry, Jimi, I don't ever remember having that on the Hash - GM) was seriously questioned by the GeeMizz, interrupting his line of punishment, by declaring social drinking. The final score: was a 9.999999999, and then the evening continued with the consumption of burgers, hot dogs, sushi, chicken pieces, etc. Thanks to all who contributed food and to Durga and Tibet Gal for keeping Dingaling away from its preparation.