Trashes 1476-1500




1476 Saturday 24 February beyond Sitapaila, 3.6km from the Ring Road
- a Griot classic covering the last few paths of the Sitapaila valley untouched by a Griot hash. Keeled found out what a tough job it is running the circle with the perimeter disturbing his eloquent delivery at every turn
1477 Saturday 3 March Boris's compound just north of Thecho
- a two-and-a-half-hour long Keeled Klassic that led along the Nakhu Khola, up to the Chhampi Ridge, down to the Bagmati at Pharsidol, returning via Gorge no. 2 and a scramble up a waterfall. And it was also Holi.
1478 Saturday 10 March

next to big piles of bricks at 4km on the Godavari road
- in which the GM managed to hobble half of the run (more to come)

1479 Saturday 17 March open space south of Godavari Pines
- with the run traversing the foothills to the south of Godavari Resort without getting high. The event was coordinated by Itchy Balls on his latest 'last' appearance.
1480 Saturday 24 March open space in front of the Weatherell and The Uncoupled residences - in which the hares took us across every bridge from Chobar to below Kokana while the sun played gently on the Bagmati Breath
1481 Saturday 31 March near Manamaiju north of Balaju
Virgin Hare Prabal's excellent Run in ex-Night Owl territory taking us off towards Kakani and back. A superb first attempt.
1482 Saturday 7 April British Ambassador's Bungalow, Kakani
- in which no-one got shot running through the Police Training Camp, one holding check was completely missed, over 20min was required for all to collect at the next one, Fanta produced a great barbeque afterwards, and everyone set off home through a wind/rain storm
1483 Saturday 14April S. boundary of Gokarna Forest
- in which a complete circumnavigation of the forest was followed by a Nepali New Year feast provided by the Hares
1484 Saturday 21 April below the pine ridge north of Arubari
- in which the Lovers Lao attempted to go places completely different to their usual route - and almost succeeded!
1485 Saturday 28 April Second Bungamati Tree
- in which Keeled's gouty toe meant a set by the GM at the last minute, Squizz and Barbie Girl returned, and the locals got great entertainment from Mozzy biting one of them and The Uncoupled knocking some others off their motorbike
1486 Saturday 5 May

Pharping Hydro collection pond
- in which the hare managed to set a figure of eight course ending with a slog up the penstocks, and a stray group of walkers, finding themselves at Haatiban Resort, phoned for the GM's LandRover to get them back to the On-In

1487 Saturday 12 May just below the park entrance, Buddhanilkantha
- in which the pack made the ascent of a Shivapuri ridge to a Gumba and then plunged right down to the rice fields, ending up with a savage climb back to the On-Site
1488 Saturday 19 May

outside SKM Hospital, Salambutar, Sankhu
- in which the hares' directions confused left and right, leading to many puzzled pauses at the last turn, and a couple of cars driving straight on to Sankhu. And Victim's dogs ate a chicken, to pay for which he subbed Rs 900 from the Hash Cash

1489 Saturday 26 May

Sisneri, beside the Range Post
- in which a complete failure to check properly out of Check 1, and Dingaling calling 'On-On' although not on paper, led to the runners ending up at Lakurey Banjhang, way higher than paper went.

1490 Saturday 2 June

400m south of Dapakhel Lake
-in which the final part of the run involved a swim across the lake and we welcomed returnee Amanda Levenson, wife of Burt the well-know ex GM

1491 Saturday 9 June

north-west of and below Tokha Village
- in which roadworks in Tokha led to a good many arriving at the On-Site after the pack had set off, with only Doggy Style and Ashish/Ritesh managing to catch up. A great trail up and down lots of little valleys

1492 Saturday 16 June

north of Gokarna Temple
- a Yogi and cohorts run that ascended the heights of the Kathmandu valley with a steep slog up the southern flank of Shivapuri at Tarebhir in very humid conditions


1493 Saturday 23 June

east end of Bajrabarahi forest, Chapagaon
- a nicely composed run from Keeled who later neglected his support duties leaving several lost souls to arrive at the circle 20 minutes behind the main pack

1494 Saturday 30 June

Godavari pines then moving to Godavari Resort Hotel
- great run and great party afterwards given by the soon-to-be-departing Overexposed.

1495 Saturday 7 July

near the temple just South of Thimi
- in which Stats and his Sherpa Multitudes set a fairly short and fairly flat run which was approved of by all

1496 Saturday 14 July beyond Sitapaila School
- an outing of the usual Griot deviousness with 27 runners who braved a transport strike to attend
1497 Saturday 21 July Adhikarigaon, west of Kapan Gumba
- in which, despite some of the most inaccurate run location instructions ever, a good pack managed to appear. The trail headed west to Gulphataar, then east to Kapan Gumba, and back west to the OnSite
1498 Saturday 28 July Dingaling's House in Maharajganj
- in which heavy rain led the walkers to shortcut, while the runners got to the edge of the Valley and then returned down the main road from Buddhanilkantha. And proceedings were followed by a great barbeque.
1499 Saturday 4 August

car park of the Vajra Yogini temple, Sankhu
- in which it pissed down so that we had to wait for a break to get the Circle going. Great run and swim and 4-wheel-drive antics trying to get away from the OnSite

1500 Saturday 11 August Bandipur Parade Ground in front of Bandipur Mountain Resort
- the high point of the 1500th hash was the holding check on the spectacular hill above Bandipur Bazaar. Set by Doggy Style and the Gee Ms